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Pandora Blake
London, UK

Hello! I'm Pandora Blake, and I'm very excited to share my dreams with you.

I am now available for 121 sessions in London as a switch and top; if you'd like to go over my knee, please drop me an email and let me know the sort of play you enjoy.

I've always been kinky, and my fascination with spanking goes back to when I was five or six. During my teens I experimented with giving and receiving spankings, and when I got together with my partner Tom aged 19 I experienced my first taste of consensual power exchange.

The following year I got together with another dominant man, D, which further expanded my kink. Both relationships are still going strong, with a lot of mutual trust and affection between the three of us, and as I've grown up my submission to each of them has become all the more precious.

I'm bisexual, polyamorous and a switch. My top side is currently on the ascendant and I'm loving every opportunity to explore that side of myself.

Spanking and BDSM have always been an integral part of my sexuality and personal identity. I'm not a spanking 'purist': good sex for me includes deep dominance and submission (from ceremony to mindfucks), domestic service, deep throat/cock worship, breath play, bondage, and sensation play ranging from hot wax to nipple clamps. But the common threads running through the heart of my kink are power exchange and corporal punishment.

I came to spanking performance through nude and bondage modelling as a student, and made my first spanking film in 2006. Almost immediately, I started writing and producing my own scenes and saving them up for my own website "one day". Nearly six years later, shooting spanking videos is still one of the most fun things I ever get to do. My kinky explorations have always been strongly linked to my creativity, and I love combining the urge to make beautiful things with my voyeurism, exhibitionism, exploring boundaries and making people react.

Beyond my kinky career, I'm a self-employed visual artist, designer, web developer, writer and amateur actor. Creating the films and photogalleries on this website, and the website itself, has brought together so many of my interests and passions. It almost feels as if every hobby I've ever had has built to up, and prepared me for, this project. Dreams of Spanking is my own personal dream in more than one way - it not only represents my heartfelt, personal spanking fantasies and kinky relationships as honestly as I can, but I've been living, breathing and dreaming this site for four years or more, and my enthusiasm for the project is still expanding.

As well as exploring my kinky tastes and fantasies on camera, Dreams of Spanking has allowed me to engage with the political side of porn. As a feminist and an experienced performer, throughout my productions I strive for fairtrade ethics, egalitarian gender politics and enthusiastic consent behind the scenes. It's great to have the opportunity to promote the values I think are important, and to prove that spanking porn can be hard, edgy and satisfying without losing out on ethics and consent.

I blog about kink, porn and politics at Spanked, Not Silenced, and tweet in an entirely personal, non-worksafe capacity as @PandoraBlake.

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