Does My Bum Look Big in This?

Film (16:03) with 51 screengrabs
Preview image for Does My Bum Look Big In This. Pandora Blake stands, and pulls up a pair of denim shots right beneath their bottom

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Pandora Blake is getting ready for a date and she just cannot decide what to wear. Do you fancy helping her? It will, of course, involve taking long, intense looks at her gorgeous bottom as she preens and poses for the camera, showing off every curve and jiggle of her big butt.

She begins in a pair of tight yoga pants – the fabric hugging and stretching over her bum. Hmm – perhaps not dressy enough for a date, what do you think? Pandora peels them off, stripping down to a back lace thong before slipping on a pair of bright pink legging shorts. These ones are very tight on her bottom too – it's clear which asset Pandora wants to show off to her date. Jiggling her bum at the camera, Pandora muses that she must have put on weight since Christmas – there's more than a handful of flesh for her to grab and squeeze.

Onto the short shorts – tight denim shorts that she squeezes herself into, close to the camera so you can see her flesh pressed tight against the fabric. As Pandora cycles through a few different pairs of sexy shorts and lacy thongs, she wiggles and squeezes her bottom to show off just how tight they are. Which will she pick? You'll have to wait and see. But she's got an extra treat at the end – taking a break from trying on outfits, Pandora kneels on all fours on the sofa, pulls down a pair of innocent white panties, and squeezes, spreads and grabs her bottom cheeks to give you a more explicit view of what lies between…

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40 Responses

  1. Actually I would say your glutes are just about perfect. Must be down to all those squats and weights in the gym 🙂

  2. What a naughty idea Pandora 🙂 Well, what a cheeky idea rather 😉 Love the title. That old saying.

    I sometimes like to substitute “voluptuous” for big, but saying “big bum” is just so cheeky and exciting. Much like it is watching your big bottom as you squirm and wriggle trying to get your shorts on! So much fun 🙂

  3. I love the word “voluptuous”! “Callipygous” too. I think a big bum is a beautiful thing. No body-shaming here! Even if it means I can barely squeeze into my smallest pair of short shorts 😉

  4. Thanks very much! Glad you liked it. This sort of video is easy peasy to produce so I’m sure I can do more of them! Let me know if you have any particular requests 🙂

  5. Thanks John 🙂 There haven’t been many squats in my life lately! Feeling a bit more energetic now the sun is coming back though, should hopefully manage to do them more regularly.

  6. What a wonderful big healthy bum! Excellent video!
    I think these are the best (and closest) shots of your anal zone, please correct me if Im wrong 🙂

  7. Nope, not Big just perfectly “Peachy” (and spankable, strapable & caneable too obviously)… Mmmmmmmm 😉

  8. I’m glad you’re happy with your voluptuous, callipygious, healthy bottom 🙂 I’m glad u like to do these films which focus on the size of the bum 😉

  9. ….is perhaps – “Does my bum look totally gorgeous, delightful, squeezable and spankable in this?”
    Wow, Pandora, this is an absolute dream of a film for those of us who appreciate beautiful bottoms. And the point at which you pull the black thong slowly into place wouldn’t go amiss on a well known teasing website! Thanks for another lovely film.

  10. I would not say that these sweet bum looks big, i would say it looks very lovely and spankable. (hope my english is understandable because it is not my mother tongue )

    regards from austria

  11. Loved this, of course I had to watch it quite a few times, just to make sure the shorts were able to go on. Trouble is, I then had trouble with the pressure build up in my jeans after this, they are a tight fit now, well for a while anyway.

  12. I can remember a time when girls wore shorts that were so short, they were “cheeky”. You don’t see them so much of them these days, but it was also a time when boys on the Isle of Man were getting the birch. Don’t ask me why I link the two together.

  13. When I try to extract the compressed zip file pictures of your delicious bum, I get message that the zip file is invalid.
    Shamefully, Harold

  14. Lovely to see you in a thong Pandora 🙂 Hope to see you get spanked in one 😉
    Your bum is not to big for anything, its just … perfect.


  15. If ever a film was custom made to suit my love of curvy bottoms this was it!

    As soon as I saw the tweet and photo for this update, I knew it was the one that would prompt me to make a long overdue renewal of my DoS subscription.

    And what a peach of a film it is!

  16. Hi, thanks for the bug report! I’ve re-uploaded the zip gallery and it should be working now.

  17. Hi Pandora, welcome back 🙂

    I wanted to celebrate by buying a video. I found this one and thought it might be quite entertaining 🙂 It’s a very interesting, sexy new form of striptease. I did see a video once with a young American lady trying on her underwear collection for the audience, but your video is a little bit more creative, which I think also makes it sexier 🙂 Your body is awesome and show off so much of it. Thrilling 🙂

  18. Thanks Andrew! Glad you liked it 🙂 I’d love to do more of this sort of POV striptease if I can come up with some creative ideas to make them a bit more interesting. I do have lots of lovely new underwear to try on!

  19. Thanks so much! This was a bit of a departure from my usual films, but I’m really glad you liked it. There’s something very empowering about being able to turn the experience of not-quite-fitting into your favourite pair of tight denim short shorts into a sexy video, rather than feeling bad about it!

  20. Hahaha! Love this!

    Now you’ve given me a naughty idea…. a similar video starring a blushing boy with an erect cock 🙂

  21. “Big” isn’t an insult! If I said I had big boobs, would you say “no no, don’t worry, they’re fine!” I love my big bum. The title and theme of the video with a character worrying whether her clothes are flattering was very much intended to be tongue in cheek.

  22. Hehehe. Thanks – good to know! Should I make more bottom fetish/teasing videos then?

  23. I don’t often let the camera see my arsehole in close up – the other example that springs to mind is Instructed of course. It IS rather embarrassing – but then again that’s part of what makes it hot!

  24. Yes indeed! I could just imagine a scene. Young lady tries to seduce her BF away from the footie with some bum teasing. In the hope of a little playful bottom patting. But BF decides a rather firmer course of action is required during half time. A 20 minute spanking while the pundits bore the viewers with their analysis! Xx

  25. I like this! I think I’d prefer to have the footie commentary turned off during the spanking itself though. Personally I’d find it annoying rather than amusing. Tastes will vary of course!

  26. Great 🙂 I love bare bottoms of course, but also a great lover of underwear.

  27. Your bum is just perfect, how do you feel about getting your ass licked? That would be amazing hahaha

  28. Your bum looks just the right size to me for receiving a good caning (or spanking, flogging, leathering etc), though I prefer to see it caned bare (or with you wearing a thong or G-string). If you need to wear shorts or trousers please choose some without pockets. It makes the caning more even and the extra material at the seams can make a caning hurt even more – as I am sure you know from experience!)

  29. I think I’m the same, I very much enjoy being told my bum is big, chubby, plump or other such words. I suppose it makes me feel more attractive and spankable.

  30. Mostly I prefer the buttocks, but seeing someone’s bumhole exposed can fun and exciting too.

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