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Learning to go with the flow

Lana Moon and I have been friends for many years, and we've been talking about shooting spanking films together for a long time. When we decided to make it happen one of the circumstances we needed to navigate was chronic illness. Due to her health Lana can't always predict when she's going to be at her best. I wanted the shoot to be a fun experience, and that meant building in a degree of flexibility. It proved a good exercise for me to stretch myself in the art of relaxing and going with the flow.

We ended up postponing our November shoot two or three times - for my reasons as well as Lana's. Between my kid getting sick, her kid getting sick, and her health needs, it felt like one thing after another. But thanks to the history and trust between us I knew we'd get there eventually. Luckily during lockdown none of us had much else going on, so rescheduling a couple of times wasn’t a problem. I felt very grateful that David Oak, whose house we were shooting at, was so understanding about the changes of plan.

It was a very different way of working than I'm used to. Uncertainty makes me anxious, so I tend to be hyper-organised. I plan in advance exactly what's going to happen, and then I try to stick to the plan as much as possible. But I realised that putting a date in the diary for a month's time was bound to end in failure. Instead Lana and I exchanged daily texts, checking in with each other and pouncing on an opportunity to shoot when one came up.

I ended up packing my shoot bag three times before we actually got there. But in a way, the extra time was good: it gave me the chance to chase down a couple of extra props and costume pieces which made some of the scenes even better. 

On the appointed day, Lana and I stayed in close contact. She was feeling good the night before, and that morning said she was a bit wobbly, but game. I got my makeup on, had breakfast and loaded the car before receiving a very upset voice message from her that her health had taken a sudden turn for the worst, and she wasn't sure when she was going to make it. 

I tried to think. Should I go ahead to the venue and shoot some solo content, in the hopes that she'd be able to join us later, or stay at home and get some other work done on the basis that the shoot was probably cancelled? I spent some time drinking tea, calming my nerves and thinking it over before deciding to go, and give it a try. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be me and Dave all day or whether Lana was going to be able to join us at all, but either way I hoped we could create some good content.

Dave and I started off shooting a solo film commissioned by a viewer via our customs website. I'd been planning to shoot it by myself the next day at home, but since we had time I thought I'd take advantage of Dave's help with camera and lighting. This worked out really well - the result is a lot better than I could have achieved by myself. That film will go up on Dreams of Spanking in due course, and it's a must-see for fans of curvy bottoms in tight pencil skirts. It's also got some fetish content which I'd never done across before - I love this about shooting customs! - such as humping and grinding on furniture. I'm not even sure if there's a category for that on Clips4Sale, but I found it surprisingly erotic!

Pandora Blake teases in a tight pencil skirt at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake teases in a tight pencil skirt at Dreams of Spanking

Once that was done, it was time to improvise. I was still hoping that Lana would arrive, but she hadn't been able to leave yet. Dave and I decided to use some of the costumes I'd packed, and come up with some new scenarios we could shoot just the two of us. 

I had some Victorian-themed costumes with me, so I got dressed up as an old-timey strumpet working in a bordello, revealing far too much thigh and even more cleavage. Dave has a really cool leather saddle in his playroom which is mounted on a stool - just about the right height for straddling the saddle and bending over (funny coincidence, that). "I don't have a plot," I said. "You've got the costume, you've got the saddle - sounds like a scene to me," he said.

We shot a POV scene with me telling my best friend (the camera) about the young stableboy that I had a crush on, gossiping about my fetish for all things equestrian, and my fantasies involving horses and saddles and stableboys. While I was waxing lyrical about how erotic I found all this, I was mounting the saddle and grinding against it. I guess that furniture-humping custom film had put me in a lewd mood!

Victorian wench Pandora Blake fantasises about equestrian punishment at Dreams of Spanking Victorian wench Pandora Blake fantasises about equestrian punishment at Dreams of Spanking
Victorian wench Pandora Blake fantasises about equestrian punishment at Dreams of Spanking Victorian wench Pandora Blake fantasises about equestrian punishment at Dreams of Spanking

I ended up self-spanking using a riding crop, swishing onto my bottom, my thighs and my breasts while mounted on the saddle. I was having so much fun that Dave and I were inspired to keep going.

We set up cameras on tripods, and Dave put on a waistcoat and played the bordello owner who comes in and catches me messing around. At this point we both put on face masks, since we couldn't socially distance. We decided not to labour the point, and just imply that this was during the pandemic in 1918 or something like that. I really enjoyed Dave's performance as the sleazy brothel owner who takes advantage of his position and inflicts the punishments which he caught me fantasising about. 

He gave me a really hot whipping with the riding crop on my breasts, inner thighs and bottom. At this point I enjoyed a tantalising personal discovery - although my nipples have been uncomfortably sensitive to touch while I've been breastfeeding, it turns out I still I really enjoy having them hit with the riding crop! This was a lovely little gift to take home with me - the joys of having a job where I can be sexually self-expressed. It's so lovely to be able to explore the things that turn me on at work, to write my own scenarios and play with the people I want to play with - and even discover new things about my body and pleasure. 

Victorian wench Pandora Blake whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of SpankingVictorian wench Pandora Blake whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of Spanking
Victorian wench Pandora Blake whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of Spanking Victorian wench Pandora Blake whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of Spanking

I wasn't ready to take the corset off yet, so we filmed a sequel with the same characters in which my Victorian wench character gets herself into more trouble and faces a more severe punishment. It included this porn career first: the first time I have ever 'lacquered' a leather saddle by carefully rubbing my cunt juice into it with my fingers! Needless to say, I got a hard thrashing for being so naughty.

Victorian wench Pandora Blake whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of Spanking Victorian wench Pandora Blake whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of Spanking

I think the fates smiled on us for being so resourceful - Lana arrived at 3pm! She was utterly determined and did incredibly well to get herself there, despite the many obstacles in her way. I had to leave at 5pm because of my childcare arrangement, so we had a couple of hours and we were keen to make the most of them.

Lana threw herself into the roleplay. I've had a look at the footage and I can't wait to share these scenes with you. She's a fantastic performer, charming and funny with a beautiful body, and she can take a hard spanking too.

We picked out two scenes to shoot that day, and planned to get together another time to shoot the rest of the films. The first one was a political satire called The Party Whip. Lana played an MP who had defied the whip and voted against party policy in the House of Commons, and I played the Whip who summoned her to my office for the traditional whipping due for this violation of protocol!

Despite the political scenario, I wanted this to be a comedy, and to avoid reminding viewers of the more upsetting issues happening in politics at the moment. The Dreams of Spanking crew had fun brainstorming ideas for crazy legislation, and we settled on a law that exists in one of the southern states of the US, which limits the number of dildos owned per person! It was the perfect choice, and gave Lana the opportunity to passionately defend the right of the individual to own as many dildos as they want. A worthy cause! 

Lana Moon gets a whipping from Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking Lana Moon gets a whipping from Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking
Lana Moon gets a whipping from Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking Lana Moon gets a whipping from Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

We had great fun with it, and Lana looked utterly beautiful during the punishment, outstretched on the dining table with her bottom in the air.

Finally, we filmed a caning scene with Lana on the receiving end. We'd planned a scene for both of us getting spanked together, but it needed both of us to have unmarred bottoms. I was quite marked from the thrashing I'd already taken that day, so instead we did a sequel.

The setting is that Lana and I are going out with Dave's two nephews. We're really hankering for a spanking and trying to get our boyfriends to spank us. They're oblivious and not particularly interested - but Uncle Dave, who we're staying with for the summer, is. The two of us just keep on getting into trouble with him, and he keeps on finding reasons to punish us. It's a traditional uncle/niece dynamic with a fun, consensual twist.

In this episode Lana is home late during lockdown. She's in trouble with Uncle Dave for breaking the restrictions and missing the dinner that he's cooked for her - and when he tells her off, she just gets naughtier and naughtier. An over the knee hand spanking isn't enough to rein in her sassy behaviour, so he bends her over for the cane.

Lana Moon bends over for the cane from Uncle at Dreams of Spanking Lana Moon bends over for the cane from Uncle at Dreams of Spanking
Lana Moon bends over for the cane from Uncle at Dreams of Spanking Lana Moon bends over for the cane from Uncle at Dreams of Spanking

At the end of the day, despite the day's uncertainties I felt very satisfied. Although the day hadn't gone to plan, and I hadn't managed to shoot the six scenes I'd planned with Lana, we had a successful day and filmed some hot additional content. Plus I got to be spanked more than I'd expected, which was no bad thing!

Lana and I planned to reconvene to shoot the other four scenes, as soon as a good opportunity came along. That day came along quicker than I expected. I'll tell you about that in a separate post - and meanwhile keep an eye out for Lana's first official Dreams of Spanking release. I'm really happy to welcome her to the cast!

Congratulations prizewinners!

Congratulations prizewinners!

Our customer survey has now closed, and we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to fill it in. There were almost 250 responses! We know you have busy lives, so every minute that you spent completing the questions is greatly appreciated. 

The feedback is proving to be immeasurably helpful in deciding our plans for 2021. We had a team meeting this week to discuss some of the projects and changes we are going to make to the site and its content. We hope you’ll be able to see some of your ideas in actions on your screen this year. 

The feedback has been so useful that we’re thinking we should make surveys an annual end of year occurrence. What do you think - would you be happy to complete a short survey at the end of each year about your experience on the site? Let us know in the comments or drop us an email! 

This post would not be complete without announcing our prizewinners. As you know, all of the emails submitted with the survey were entered into a prize draw for the chance to win membership. We lined up three memberships to give away, and last weekend we got to pull them out of a hat. Congratulations to SteTr, Farsider and Limbojimbo! We will be contacting you to set up your free membership so keep an eye out for an email from us. 

We hope that you are as excited for 2021 on Dreams of Spanking as we are. Despite the pandemic, we are releasing new high-quality ethical porn every single week for you to indulge in. Buckle in, it’s going to be a kinky year!

Performer Spotlight: Cleo Divine

With the announcement of a new national lockdown across the UK, now is a better time than ever to lift up our fellow creators. The wonderful Cleo Divine stars in our release coming this Saturday alongside familiar face Sha Luciana, so we’d like to introduce you to Princess Cleo!

A 20 year old spankophile who’s into age play, pet play and so much more, Cleo Divine loves to please. She has created content with Dreams of Spanking friend Pharaoh Spanks as her “uncle” , and enjoys creating all sorts of fun roleplay scenarios to get lost in. She has a thriving OnlyFans account that she posts to regularly, along with a Manyvids clipstore filled with spanking and fetish clips. Like us, Cleo creates bespoke films upon enquiry at [email protected]

We can’t wait for you to meet the little princess who likes to be beat in our upcoming release, Momma Sha Spanking. Out this Saturday on Dreams of Spanking!

Want to recommend someone for a performer spotlight? Leave a comment with their links!

We've got mail

We always love to hear from spankos who frequent the site, and every so often we receive a message that warms our cockles so much we simply have to share it. Your kind words are so appreciated, and keep us motivated to continue building our kinky community. Thank you to the viewer who shared these kind words - it really helps!

"I wanted to thank you for your spanking audio stories on your own Dreams of Spanking website.  Specifically, Aunt Gillian's Hairbrush which is my all-time favorite audio spanking story.  This is an underappreciated medium and I wish more websites would do it.  I loved this story so much for its realism and engaging dialogue and characters, not to mention the spankings themselves.  You do such an amazing job of describing the spankings, the fear and anticipation leading up to them and you can really just picture them in your mind.  And you hit on one of my favorite things in spanking stories, and that is when it is told from a witnesses perspective.  Being a voyeur spankee, I have always really enjoyed spanking stories told from a witnesses perspective and not enough of them seem to do that.  I subscribed to your Dreams of Spanking website for this one spanking audio story and it alone was worth the price of admission.  

I wish I could send you stories of a similar vein, but I am just not that good of a writer myself.  I hope you will do another story like Aunt Gillian's Hairbrush as I really love that traditional old fashioned spanking type of tale.  The kind of tale that features good hard, over the knee, hand and hairbrush spanking.  And that is why I loved this story so much!!  It didn't feel the need to elevate the punishment by using canes and switches, which really don't interest me.  I know not everything on your site is for me and that is ok.  I know you need to do what you have a passion for and cover a wide range of different scenarios.  That being said, if you can find the time to do another story like Aunt Gillian's Hairbrush, maybe a sequel, or something with the same kind of traditional old fashioned spanking in it, I would definitely be interested.  As I said before, I subscribed for this one spanking audio story and I was not disappointed at all."

The Further Adventures of Molly Brown

Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron, and Leia-Ann Woods in period costume at Dreams of Spanking

I always get a little nostalgic around Christmas. This year I’m finding that sensation stronger than ever: 2020 has been a year unlike any other I’ve seen, and the familiarity of the festive season has proven comforting.

It seems only fitting, then, that we have some fine vintage porn for you this week. The Wrong Room was filmed some years ago now, and is the sequel to The Victorian Brothel - which was already a look back through Dreams of Spanking history when we released it in 2017. It’s also set in the 1800s, of course, making it a blast from the past in more than one way!

As one of the newer members of the Dreams of Spanking team, this was my first introduction to the shenanigans of Molly Brown. You can tell in the opening scenes of The Wrong Room that she’s enjoying her bare-bottom spanking a great deal - and not for the first time, either, judging by the array of beautiful bruises she sports all across her exposed backside. Longstanding fans will know that this enjoyment was hard-won: in her debut she was a real firebrand, stubbornly refusing to submit to her client’s desires. All that life and energy is still there - she hasn’t lost her sharp mouth or her quick wit, which we see as the film unfolds - but she’s discovered something wonderful at the hands of Thomas, and submission to him has become something she craves and enjoys.

Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron, and Leia-Ann Woods in period costume at Dreams of Spanking

You can see the jealousy in her face, in fact, when after a mixup with room bookings Thomas decides to invite the hapless Leia to join them. She soon warms to the idea, however, and in the end thoroughly enjoys getting to play the experienced sub talking a nervous newbie through their first ever spanking. Leia too is taken on a journey during this encounter. She’s reluctant at first, seeming to agree only out of a sense of politeness and duty. As her cheeks redden, though, we can see it in her face: she’s enjoying this. She’s learned something new about herself here; something we can but hope she gets to explore with Thomas on many future assignations.

It’s been a deeply peculiar year for us all, has 2020 - but we wanted to go out with a bang (or should that be a smack?), and this was the perfect way to do it. Have a great Christmas, folks, and we’ll see you on the other side.

Nine featured films from nine years of spanking

The day is here! We are celebrating NINE YEARS of Dreams of Spanking!

This site has grown and evolved so much in the last decade. I want to take this time to highlight some films from over the years which are particularly gorgeous and deserve more attention. In this post I'll share my personal insights as a producer, performer and director, and some interesting stories attached to films that you may not know! 

2011: Caned in Jodhpurs 

This was filmed on one of the first ever Dreams of Spanking shoots. I think it was our second video shoot, and it was a pretty ambitious day, looking back on it. We shot three involved films in a beautiful location with two amazing videographers, and with each one we took time to get the details right. Caned in Jodhpurs is in my opinion an excellent, classic spanking film. I loved playing the character of the haughty wife who gets her comeuppance, and the tense character dynamics between Zille as the hapless stablegirl, Tom as my sleazy husband and me as an arrogant upper class landowner. It was my first time working with Zille Defeu, and I had a big crush on her (still do, tbh), so this film holds very happy memories of getting to play with her!

2012: Primae Noctis

I struggled to choose a single film from 2012 as there were so many outstanding releases this year. But I think Primae Noctis is some of our best work. The only reason I hesitate to say that is that unfortunately the sound isn't as good as I'd like it to be. I was still a bit of a filming n00b, working with kit I was unfamiliar with, and I set my microphone on the wrong setting so it didn't do well at picking up the dialogue, especially during long shots. I hadn't started using an external microphone yet, I was just using an on camera microphone - total beginner, I know! But apart from that, everything about this is so gorgeous - the edgy fantasy, the top secret location, the costumes, the roleplay. Adele and Jimmy are incredible in this. The chemistry, their beauty, the acting is just all stunning. It was a real privilege to be able to film it. 

2013: Invitations

I chose this film because I think it just sums up a lot of what we do best at Dreams of Spanking, from Edwardian and Victorian costume drama, to scenes of girls and boys being punished together. In my head this scene is straight out of a Regency romance novel like the work of Georgette Heyer. It was our first shoot with Will Savage, and he did really well to take this caning given that he wasn't a very experienced switch. It's got three amazing performances from Caroline, Amelia and Will, lush costumes, and hard caning. Jane Austen, eat your heart out. 

2014: Instructed

Our first Feminist Porn Award! This won Best Kink Scene in 2015 at the Feminist Porn Awards, having been shot the year before when I was at the awards for the first time in 2014. It was so inspiring to me to meet other people in the international queer porn community, build friendships and connections, and watch some amazing and aspirational porn. This was a collaboration with Ms Naughty of Bright Desire (a smart, sensual site where you can also view my only two hardcore penetrative sex scenes to date). Instructed is a beautiful film which shows just how gorgeous a solo film can be. It's a real life dom/sub scenario with a fun backstory.

While I was travelling across America for a month, I missed my partner D. When I was planning the shoot with Ms Naughty, I suggested a concept I'd come up with a while ago, where a sub is following instructions that their dom has left for them in a letter. Unbeknownst to me, Ms Naughty and D ended up collaborating behind my back, and D provided the instructions to Ms Naughty for the film. Ms Naughty then sneakily co-topped me by keeping the instructions secret, so when I opened the letter on camera it genuinely was the first time I found out what was in store for me. It was a gorgeous gift from my real life dom across the ocean that helped us stay connected during my travels - and it was very, very hot.

2015: Pandora's Sponsored Caning

This is a little piece of Dreams of Spanking history: me and D doing our sponsored caning as part of the fundraiser I organised to raise money for Backlash in 2015. It was a protest against the new porn laws that had just made caning porn illegal. Thanks to that fundraiser, Backlash was in a position to be able to help lots of different people affected by the law, including me - which is how I got access to the legal help that helped me win my appeal against ATVOD. That appeal win was, I think, another nail in ATVOD's coffin; they disbanded in January 2016, and the law changed a couple of years later to decriminalise caning porn. So a massive thank you to everyone who donated that fundraiser! The film is still available for free on this website as a thank you, and you don't have to join Dreams of Spanking to watch it - although if you like it I hope I can entice you to join, because I think you'd love the rest of the films in our archive!

2016: Please, May I Come Mistress

Our second Feminist Porn Award winner! This was awarded Most Tantalising Mature at the Feminist Porn Awards in 2016, and was nominated for an Audience Award at La Fete Du Slip film festival in Switzerland. It's a docu portrait of a real life couple at the time, Zak and Charlie, and was a totally spontaneous shoot. We were at Eroticon, the convention for erotic fiction writers and sex bloggers, and I was leading a workshop on how to make DIY porn. At the end I jokingly said, “I've got my camera with me, so if any of you want to film some DIY porn while you're here at Eroticon, come speak to me afterwards”. It got a laugh - but when the workshop ended Charlie and Zak came up to me and said they were seriously interested in doing it. So we did!

I didn't have any lights with me, just my oldest camcorder slung into my suitcase. Zak and Charlie invited me into their play, and it was such a gift. This is gorgeous, sensual, loving, affectionate femdom: the kind of femdom that is still so hard to find on traditional BDSM sites. There's no latex or corsets or gimp masks, just two humans sharing intimacy and connection, which happens to be mediated through a kink dynamic. I love the fact that Charlie and Zak represent demographics who don't often get depicted in porn, especially not in femdom: Charlie's gorgeous chubby, hairy bubble butt and his characterful sideburns, and Zak’s forty-something rainbow leggings and short hair and not giving a single fuck. It was my pleasure to document their play in a respectful, humanising way without objectifying either of them, capturing the moments of bliss and intimacy as the energy flowed between them.

They played an orgasm denial scene where Charlie is under instruction not to come without permission. This is extra intense for him because he has already been on orgasm denial with his other partner for a week, so he's primed and ready to go. Zak teases him, pumps his cock, and tells him no, don't come, not yet. At one point during this, he just helplessly comes just as she's saying no. He can't help it. There's a gorgeous moment where he's groaning, simultaneously feeling pleasure and disappointment in himself for disobeying instructions, but so hopelessly aroused that he just can't help coming. And then rather than telling him off, Zak just rolls with that and reassures. While they're cuddling, I see Charlie's cock twitching and still hard, so I whisper to Zak “I reckon he can go again” - and he does. This time, they manage to complete the satisfaction of Zak controlling the timing of his orgasm - and his second orgasm is more intense than the first. It was just such a beautiful example of how fulfilling scenes can be even when they don't go to plan, because that second orgasm wouldn't have happened if he'd managed to stay within her direction the first time. If you're flexible, a kink scene can go in unexpected directions  - and end up turning out even better.

2017: Mrs Smith’s Method

I think this is the most ambitious cinematic production on the site. It was a custom film, and there's no way I could have afforded something of this scale without that funding, so I'm really grateful to the client who commissioned it. I'd love to do more ambitious films like this so if you'd like to commission a bespoke cinematic movie let me know!

Everything about this is right in my wheelhouse. I love costume drama, I love Victoriana, and I love birching. This film is serious in some ways, playing with themes of fear and brutality - but it's also so extra and over the top that it has some very funny camp comedic moments. So although the plot is in some ways quite dark, it's also silly enough to not be really horrible. We've got Molly Malone as the bible-thumping disciplinarian who self-flagellates and believes in the rod above all else. There's Adele Haze as the spooky maid who's determined to freak out the young ladies sent to Mrs Smith and make them as scared as possible with sadistic relish. Amelia Jane Rutherford as the untameable, supremely spankable brat, and me as the feckless mama who can't control her offspring - but who ends up with a big crush on Mrs. Smith and wanting a taste of the birch herself. It's based on a real life Victorian scandal, and I'm really proud of it. It's one of our most popular films to date - the YouTube video alone has had hundreds of thousands of views, so it seems like there's an appetite for camp, Victorian costume drama!

2017: Velvet Touch 

This was a dream come true for me. It's a collaboration with Courtney Trouble and Chelsea Poe, two queer porn icons and multi award winners. Courtney Trouble invented the phrase "queer porn" and is a pioneer of the genre, and Chelsea Poe is an award winning trans performer known for her BDSM work. She's a submissive, and she's here to show that trans women can be subs, fighting back against the stereotyping that expects trans women to top in porn and penetrate their scene partner, and to be fetishised for their hard dicks. This role is actually a really unwelcome one for many trans women; anyone who's ever taken oestrogen knows that it compromises erections, and a lot trans women don't enjoy their penises. For others, that's simply not their orientation. So enthusiastic subs like Chelsea, who is a lesbian and wears a strap-on if she ever fucks a lover on camera, represent a welcome alternative to the dehumanising porn tropes.

I was thrilled to get to play with Chelsea and Courtney, and they were both complete sweethearts to work with. This is one of the sexiest films on Dreams of Spanking. Chelsea and I negotiated what we were comfortable doing, and the scene includes strap-on worship, face fucking, fingering and squirting with intense orgasms for both of us. It's was also my first scene on Dreams of Spanking since coming out as non-binary and showing a more masculine side, which was an important step for me.

2018: Even Teachers Make Mistakes

This film was one of the first films I shot after the site's self-imposed hiatus, which I initiated when I realised I was completely burned out after the ATVOD trials and needed to take a break from Dreams of Spanking to rekindle my passion. While I was on hiatus, I got the commission for this film. It was lovely to have the client’s finance to go to town with it. I hired my friend Danielle to do the videography, and she did a really great job. We spent all morning on this one film rather than trying to shoot it in an hour like we usually do. We got loads of different shots, and I took a hard cold caning. I got some pretty stripes from it which always makes me happy! What I love about this scenario is that it looks like a classic schoolgirl/Headmaster scene, but it's got a twist in the tale. It's been screened at the Berlin Porn Film Festival and the London Porn Film Festival, and it was the start of Dreams of Spanking’s return: since publishing this scene in 2019, the site have maintained a steady update schedule, which has just increased back to one new release every week going into 2021.

In the blink of an eye we have flown through nine years, and here we are going into a brand new year. What do you want to see more of from us for the next nine years? Fill out our customer survey to let us know, get a chance to win one of three three-month memberships, and maybe we'll make your ideas a reality!

Happy Birthday Dreams of Spanking! 

The following scene contains...

Fantasies are limitless. They exist on a higher plane, free from the burdens and boundaries of everyday life. The beauty of being a porn producer is that you can realise those fantasies. You can put pen to paper, turn on the camera and act out your dreams without restriction. 

That can mean that for one viewer a Dreams of Spanking film touches on their deepest desires, and for the next viewer the topic makes them uncomfortable. One person’s yuck is another one’s yum and there’s nothing wrong with that. We want to make sure you can easily find your yum, and avoid your yuck. That’s why we’re introducing content notes to the beginning of our films.

This won’t affect the films themselves - they will still be full of kinky goodness of the highest quality. It just means that at the very start of the film there will be a screen featuring content notes. You can check if the film contains something that you won’t like, and if all is well you can settle in and enjoy or you can return to the gallery and find the film that tickles your tastebuds. I’ll give you an example. Often people commission fantasies based on their memories of childhood. I see recurring themes of school and parental discipline, being told off and in trouble, feeling helpless and scared, and nostalgia for a bygone age. If age play, implied coercion, and imagining yourself into the role of a young person in trouble, might be upsetting, perhaps it's best to skip these films.

Consent starts within ourselves, and it's important to respect our own boundaries and listen to our bodies about what feels good. Our limits can fluctuate, so we can't assume that just because we enjoyed something before, it's the right film to watch right now. If something doesn't feel good to you, stop the video and do something else. And for those whose buttons are pressed by these particular themes - well, hopefully the foreshadowing will serve to heighten the excitement and anticipation.


Long story short... I broke the panty rule

Sha Luciana get strapped on the bottom at Dreams of Spanking

Remember our recent Guest Director release The Credit Card? If you need your memory jogged a little, it’s the one where the stunning Sha Luciana gets her incredibly spankable behind roundly warmed by her husband Pharaoh, following his discovery of her latest credit card bill. I’m sure you remember it anyway, of course; a spanking like that is hard to forget!

Anyway, when that came out we promised you a little something more to follow - and we always keep our promises. This weekend we’re excited to announce the release of some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage that gives us all a chance to get to know Pharaoh and Sha a little better - and see some more of her perfect bottom, too.

Sha Luciana and Pharaoh discuss their domestic discipline lifestyle at Dreams of Spanking

This film is amongst the most intimate and personal footage we’ve released here on Dreams of Spanking. The beauty of Pharaoh and Sha’s content is that everything you see is real; most of their films show punishments Sha would have received whether the camera was rolling or not.

There’s a casual, conversational tone to the whole clip, and they really make you feel like you’re hanging out with them listening to them chat. They’ve also got a special surprise in store at the end - what do you reckon Sha’s getting punished for this time?

How Do You Like It?

We value your opinions. We have our comments open for a reason - we like to hear what you think of our films and our writing. It gives us the warm fuzzy feeling to know that you’re enjoying something, and your feedback helps us decide the direction we go in next. That’s why we’re opening a customer survey for the month. 

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Gorgeously Intimate

Pandora Blake takes erotic self portraits at Dreams of Spanking

There’s something gorgeously intimate about this week’s gallery, don’t you think? La Vie Parisienne is another peek into Pandora’s private boudoir, but that’s not all we get to see: every inch of her body is explored here, and she can’t resist touching herself a little mid-shoot. And of course, a location as beautiful as this deserves some appropriate lingerie - in this case a pair of lace-topped stockings.

Pandora Blake takes erotic self portraits at Dreams of Spanking

Shot against a backdrop as stumptuous as Pandora’s curves, our latest candid photogallery is the perfect antidote to the chilly winter evenings. 

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