Maintaining Discipline

Film (18:00) with 24 photos
Preview image for Maintaining Discipline part 1. Mike Pain bends over the desk, his trousers and underpants lowered as Pandora Blake, dressed in a pencil skirt spanks him with a ruler

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It might be a novelty to new teacher Ms Blake, but for Headmaster Mike Pain, institutional corporal punishment is part and parcel of running a school. After hearing reports that Pandora Blake's art classes are a little out of control, he invites her to his office for some friendly guidance on discipline.

Having never given corporal punishment before, you'd expect Ms Blake to be anxious. What you might not expect is the gleam in her eyes that tells more of excitement than professional nerves. It's clear from the flirty chemistry between them that Ms Blake and Mr Pain enjoy talking about traditional school punishment – but will Ms Blake enjoy Mike's demonstration?

Mike talks her through the rituals and rules of delivering a school beating: how many strokes, how hard, and when to pull down the student's underwear and smack them on the bare. Although the ritual is rigid, his teaching method is unorthodox – Mr Pain bends over the desk to allow Ms Blake to get some hands-on practice with the slipper. In between stinging swats, the obliging headmaster offers critique and tips – after all, it's improtant that Ms Blake is able to adminsiter a punishment with vigour and accuracy. As he urges her to spank him harder, and to pull down his trousers and apply the slipper to his bare bottom, it's clear that Ms Blake is either a pretty fast learner or a natural spanking enthusiast.

After some heavy bare-bottomed smacks with the slipper, it's time for a lesson with the ruler. Ms Blake marvels at the vivid marks she's making on his bottom after the first few hard strokes, and then administers six rapid swats to mimic a real-life whacking. As she gets more confident, and delivers more painful punishment, Ms Blake expresses her gratitude to the patient headmaster.

“It's my pleasure,” he replies – and you know it really is. 

Photography: Nimue Allen

Preview Gallery

Maintaining Discipline - Behind the Scenes

“Let’s make it more flirty,” Pandora Blake suggests as she and Mike Pain shoot their first spanking video together. In this behind the scenes video you can watch as the pair negotiate their dialogue and plan the little details of context and characters that make this institutional corporal punishment scene so very hot.

“This is fun,” Pandora says to Mike as videographer Nimue Allen pauses to white balance her camera, and he grins back, “It is – it is!” You only need to take one look at his face as he prepares to receive the slipper to know that he’s telling the truth.



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Mike Pain

Pandora and Mike chat about everything spanking – starting with how and when Mike first realised he was into corporal punishment, and going onto his current preference for impersonal, clinical punishments, and scenes in which he spanks or is spanked by someone he knows is secretly enjoying it. They delve into one of Mike’s hottest fantasies, and Mike tells why he’s sometimes called ‘phone booth Mike’. A fascinating interview with a life-long kinkster, full of eye-witness details of Mike’s childhood in caning-obsessed 1960s South Africa.

17 Responses

  1. Hi Pandora
    I love the concept of this film from the blurb and pics but the film doesn’t want to play or download unfortunately. Other recent films are all fine so not sure what the problem is with this one. And I’d love to see Mike and you in action once again!

  2. Whoops, sorry! I left the “1” off the end of the filenames! My bad – fixed now 🙂

  3. Lol. His bum isn’t bad for an old guy 😉 Firm, round and shaven. He must work out 😉

  4. I love this. The acting was really good, with Pandora obviously showing she loved dishing out CP while pretending to be unsure of herself.

    I said this before on one of Ariels (Amelia) videes, I was told by a woman teacher that she had an experience a bit like this as a new teacher. At her first school, straight out of college, she was taken to the headmasters study and taught to cane. Not on the headmaster, like this, but he demonstrated on a cushion and then her having to do it on the cushion as well. When the head was sure she could do it right, she was given her own cane. At that school, caning was done by class teachers in front of the class. This was in the 40’s.
    Great to see this scene like this, but taking it a little bit further than in real life Cant wait to see the follow up with Pandora learning to use the proper school cane and giving the headmaster something he’ll remember for some time.


  5. This was great fun. Congratulations both. Pandora, as someone who dabbles in amateur theatre in Australia (as actor and director) I am full of admiration for you as an actress. My personal interest encompasses F/F and F/M (especially the latter) so I have been able to enjoy your work greatly on both sides of the transaction and in lots of different contexts.. I also appreciate accessing some decent acting in a porn site, when so much SM porn is bad from a theatrical perspective. Thanks for your controbtions on many levels.

  6. Pandora yes Michael had a good whacking from yourself , A schoolmaster we has at my school has a whacking slipper he called the Brown Bomber he slippered the boys with if needed I didntget it I behaved ,best Spanks Tim xHappy Easter Pandora from Tim ,best spanks ,

  7. I do make a point of only hiring performers with the very nicest bums 🙂

  8. Ha, I guess having cute pet names for a whacking slipper must have been a headmasterly tradition! The Brown Bomber and Bertie… I wonder if they all began with ‘B’?

    Happy Easter Tim xx

  9. Thanks Gilbert! Spanking videos are my only acting outlet, it’s far more fun to be able to improvise than working with a script! I’m really glad you’re enjoying our rather theatrical films, it might not be the most cost-effective way of working but it makes my heart happy. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  10. Thanks badboy! I do like that story of yours and it definitely inspired me when coming up with this scene! I tried not to repeat too many aspects of the Caroline/Amelia film, but I think the flirty undercurrent and the clear attraction between my and Mike’s characters gave this scene a very different feel.

    Did you watch the behind the scenes video, where Mike suggested that we use a cushion for the first part of the demonstration, but I decided to skip it and go straight to the spanking? Obviously he is of the same mind as the headmaster who helped your teacher friend learn how to do it!

  11. Yes and I’m glad that your taste in bottoms leans towards the larger, voluptuous kind 🙂

  12. In the film, Pandora was playing the role of a spanking novice,so a larger target was a good idea, as it would be harder to miss! 🙂

    I will take your comment as a great compliment! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  13. Hello Gilbert

    I am glad you enjoyed the film

    I have to say that, in this genre at least, Pandora is a superb actress. I found that it was easier just to believe in her role and react to her accordingly, and, because she was so convincing, it really worked.

    I should add that her spankings are administered with a great deal of realism as well, as the marks will testify!

  14. Yes Mike, certainly to me being called “round” and “voluptuous” is a great compliment whether you are male or female 🙂

  15. Pandora, I love when you lower a man’s pants, I would love to undress me across your lap to receive the spanking.

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