Mike Pain

Based in UK

I have been interested in spanking all my life: My earliest memory is of being turned on by being spanked by my parents at the age of six, although I didn’t understand why I found it so interesting. I have always been a switch, and have had fantasies of both giving and receiving.

As a child, I had extensive experience of being spanked: Corporal punishment was used liberally in school and at home, and I remember some of my classmates, and even some of the teachers being unusually interested in it. My parents also seemed to be fixated on the subject, with more than just a casual interest, although they were so repressed that I don’t think they would admit it, even to themselves.

As I progressed through school, I was caned very occasionally, and, while I found it a scary experience, I loved the stripes, and found them very stimulating. As I grew up I had endless fantasies involving either giving or receiving extensive and thorough spankings!

From the end of school until the advent of the internet, (Spanking was the first word I searched for when I went on line in 1998!) I had very little experience, apart from visiting the occasional professional who I found by perusing cards left in phone booths and I used to visit Old Compton Street and buy spanking mags and videos, but never met anyone who admitted that they would like to go over my knee.

Since discovering the web, however, I have found that half the planet is kinky, and I have had more spankings than I care to remember. I have also spanked quite a few naughty girls, but I find as I get older that running after women with pert bottoms in order to spank them is getting harder, as they can run faster than I can!

I first met (and spanked!) Pandora in 2006, when we did a short item for a TV program called Sexarama. It was all great fun, and involved horses, stables and a fair amount of bending over. The program was about a website I used to run called mikespankingbooth.co.uk, where I published a large collection of phone booth cards which I collected over a period of years.

Recently, while browsing spanking sites, I discovered Dreams of Spanking, and I immediately emailed Pandora and asked if she could use me for her videos, and to my surprise and delight she said yes! As a result, I spent a day getting my bottom spanked and caned expertly, (and good and hard!), and also dealing with Pandora’s delectable and shapely derriere, which I turned a very good shade of red. It was a wonderful experience to be among people who love spanking and who find our kink so life affirming.

I have to say to anyone contemplating working with Dreams of Spanking, or who would like have a session with Pandora, that she and her crew are incredibly supportive, although deliciously kinky, and you are guaranteed a life enhancing and, above all, fun experience.

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