Treated for Addiction

Film (13:55) with 60 screengrabs
Pandora Blake is dressed in a nurses uniform and stockings and is over Mike Pain's knee for a hand spanking

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About to be discharged, Mike Pain, who has been in the clinic to receive a groundbreaking new "percussive therapy" for depression, reveals that he is not a patient at all, but has secretly been sent as an inspector from the Health Commission. Nurse Pandora Blake is embarrassed, but at least he is impressed with the clinic and intends to give a glowing report. There's only one problem: Mike spotted Pandora smoking a cigaratte on the hospital grounds, where smoking is explicitly not permitted. It's just the sort of infraction that he should include in his report – and if he does, it will be the only black mark against the hospital.

Nurse Pandora is mortified, and desperate not to damage the clinic's reputation. Mike offers her a solution. He has been so struck by the new treatment being offered (as it were) that he is fully convinced of its effectiveness. The "Russian treatment" has been used to cure depression – and it has also gained many positive results in cases of addiction. He has of course been trained in administering the therapy, and he offers Pandora an off-the-books therapeutic session to treat her smoking addiction. If he has taken action to make sure that it doesn't happen again, he will be able to justify leaving it out of his report, and giving the hospital an unblemished rating.

Pandora doesn't have much choice, although the whole thing is terribly embarrassing. Mike prefers to administer the treatment in an over the knee position, and he guides Pandora over his lap, lifting her nurse uniform and applying firm hand spanks to her bare bottom without delay. Pandora is shocked at how much it stings – but she tries to remain professional and take her punishment bravely as Mike's hand reddens her bottom. Once her whole bottom is pink and warm, Mike decides to escalate to the second round of treatment there and then, just to make sure the lesson sinks home: the leather strap. Nurse Pandora gets into position, and Mike applies thirty blistering strokes – enough to give her a change of heart, and put her off the idea of smoking forever.

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Mike Pain

Pandora and Mike chat about everything spanking – starting with how and when Mike first realised he was into corporal punishment, and going onto his current preference for impersonal, clinical punishments, and scenes in which he spanks or is spanked by someone he knows is secretly enjoying it. They delve into one of Mike’s hottest fantasies, and Mike tells why he’s sometimes called ‘phone booth Mike’. A fascinating interview with a life-long kinkster, full of eye-witness details of Mike’s childhood in caning-obsessed 1960s South Africa.

7 Responses

  1. Hi, have tried to get this & a few of the other scenes to download, both as wmv & mp4, some load without problems, but this & a few of the others don’t. Any help appreciated.

  2. Hi, I just checked the links again and both are working – both files are working for me. It’s possible that the problem is with your internet connection. Try right clicking and selecting “save link as” which will start a download. If you’re still having problems feel free to email [email protected].

  3. I used to be able to see a self-described maternal disciplinarian for exactly the sort of bare bottom spanking you got here, Pandora. I’m sure I could’ve persuaded her to strap me too. I desperately need to be punished on my bottom in order to get my emotions back on an even keel.

    Unhappily, there’s no one I can turn to for a therapeutic spanking. My last otk spanking was in early 2009, and the best I can do now is to paddle my bare bum myself. Yes, I get the exquisite sting, but there’s no interpersonal dimension to it; no one helping me emotionally while giving sublime intimate attention to my upturned bottom.

    In my active years as a naughty boy, spanking became my religion and the female lap was my place of worship. For the past nine years, I’ve been denied access to my church. That hasn’t been healthy for me.

  4. I have studied the subject above… Percussive therapy is for ‘cystic fibrosis’ patients. The back is struck to remove thick mucus – not the bum – and definitely not to break tobacco addiction.

    Okay, I am being overcritical and technical here… it is because I have AS (Asperger’s syndrome). You will see MANY replies like this from me.

  5. Oh Pandora you really do have a lovely bum and to see it properly spanked is wonderful. Too many spanking scenes do not show a proper spanking. This was a good one. Thank you.

  6. Some films focus more on the emotions and the anticipation around the spanking, while other focus on the act itself. We went for the latter in this one, and I’m so glad it resonates with you 🙂 x

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