Mike’s Secret

Film (26:01) with 40 photographs
Preview Image for Mike's Secret. Pandora Blake, bends Mike Pain over the counter and paddles him on his bare bottom

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When Pandora Blake teases her friend Mike Pain about wearing a buttoned-up shirt to the pub, the last thing she's expecting to discover under his top button is a collar and full leather BDSM harness.

The truth quickly comes out, as Mike explains that he's been visiting femdom clubs – without his wife's permission. He'd planned to go to a female domination night, but after calling his wife and concocting a plan for a harsh punishment, Pandora's got other plans for him now.

She strips Mike until he's wearing only a leather chest harness, collar and thong, and tells him to fetch his toys. Bent over the kitchen counter with his bare bottom on display, he holds his breath and waits for the first stroke to fall. Pandora begins with Mike's own leather paddle – hard, stinging strokes that turn Mike's bottom dark pink, then a vicious thrashing with the heavy leather strap as Mike gasps and tries not to twist away from the relentless thrashing.

Finally, the cane. At each vicious stroke Mike cries out in pain, but when Pandora finally asks if he's been punished enough, he is strangely silent, revelling in the complex combination of pain and humiliation. Twelve strokes of the cane have clearly not pushed his limits, so Pandora does the only logical thing – give him another six.  

Photographer: Nimue Allen

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Mike’s Secret - Behind the Scenes

Mike Pain and Pandora Blake negotiate cane strokes over a refreshing mid-thrashing tea break. This behind the scenes video shows just how fun the performers had with this femdom scene, which was written by Mike – especially as Mike asks for more cane strokes, even as he nurses his already sore bottom.

Join Pandora, Nimue and Mike on set and find out how the performers’ pets feel about caning, and why Pandora has a very specific Dreams of Spanking tag for her own unusually placid cat.



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Mike Pain

Pandora and Mike chat about everything spanking – starting with how and when Mike first realised he was into corporal punishment, and going onto his current preference for impersonal, clinical punishments, and scenes in which he spanks or is spanked by someone he knows is secretly enjoying it. They delve into one of Mike’s hottest fantasies, and Mike tells why he’s sometimes called ‘phone booth Mike’. A fascinating interview with a life-long kinkster, full of eye-witness details of Mike’s childhood in caning-obsessed 1960s South Africa.

11 Responses

  1. Great update, I watched all the behind the scenes stuff before the film which really added to it for me. Mike’s experiences hit many buttons and brought back memories of a school trip to London in the very early / maybe pre Internet days and the phone booth cards!



  2. Thanks Andy! I think many people probably noticed those phone book cards – before the internet they were a popular way to advertise. Glad you enjoyed the behind the scenes – it’s a fascinating interview, isn’t it?

  3. Thanks Andy! I’m glad you enjoyed the film and interview. I have met so many people who, before the advent of the Internet, believed that they were completely alone in their kink. I could never understand how, when there were so many magazines, books, etc, devoted to spanking, and yet I never met anyone who openly admitted they liked it!

    Nowadays, it’s much easier to find like minded folks, but I have to say that the spanking I received in this video was one of the best ever, and looking at it, I can see why: Pandora’s obvious enjoyment and excellent technique made this a thrashing to remember.

    Thanks to Pandora and the Dreams of Spanking crew for an unforgettable experience!

  4. Big welcome to you Mike. What a superb tanning you took from Pandora. I loved the range of different implements used. You make some interesting comments about how open people can be about their kink. I do think things have changed and become a bit more open like you , but I guess it still depends on what sort of circles you are in at any one time of course.

  5. A very good and very enjoyable film. Great to see such a wide range of implements being used so well (especially that new oval – shaped leather paddle!) I particularly liked Pandora’s change of character several times during the film, from stern “disgraceful behaviour, how dare you treat my best friend like this, I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget” to impish grin “you know I’m really enjoying myself here”. Wonderful stoicism and acceptance of his punishment shown by Mike. A very hot video Pandora!

  6. Thank you Yianni I’m glad you liked it.

    Absolutely right, Yianni. I don’t discuss spanking with anyone with whom I wouldn’t discuss my sexual interests generally ,so I don’t talk about it at work, or among strangers, and only my close friends know. However, having been on national TV and on the web, anybody who really wants to could find out about my proclivities, and if they did I wouldn’t deny it if confronted, I would just say , “Yes, so what?!!”

  7. Thanks Mike! Yeah who was buying all these magazines? lol!

    I agree,the internet has been a huge change, allowing like minded folk to meet more easily. I have met Pandora through this and it is a huge sense of relief to be able to talk to someone face to face about spanking. I can also testify that Pandora does indeed have excellent technique 🙂

  8. Yes it was hard to miss them in some phone booths in central London they would be covered from floor to ceiling! The interview is real good. Thanks to both of you.

  9. Yes Mike, I too can relate to what you are talking about regarding reluctance to discus these matters among strangers and indeed vanilla people you know. In fact I am still this way inclined even now. It is interesting though how times have changed.

    You were talking about judicial cp in South Africa. I was surprised you didn’t go into detail about what was involved. I have never been to SA, but I have heard anecdotally that young women from the court house and policewomen were often invited to attend canings of young men. Pandora alluded to the fact that canings were ordered by the courts in the UK – she was probably referring the Isle of Man which was just as prolific in ordering judicial cp as SA. Interesting.

  10. Really loved watching this just now. Found myself imagining it was me receiving the punishment – yes I know that probably sounds weird, but there hasn’t been opportunity for almost two weeks! It’s long overdue, so hopefully this weekend!

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