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Mike Pain holds Pandora Blake's chin as she looks apologetic

In this lovingly detailed photoset, Mike Pain and Pandora Blake bring to life the ritualized nature of domestic discipline. These photos highlight exquisite emotional and sensory details, that will pull you into the moment with them as Pandora is spanked at home and given a bare bottom caning.

The scene begins with a nervous Pandora being led downstairs. Mr Pain holds her hand tenderly as they descend to the dining room, but it is clear that he is a stern man who can deliver a hard punishment – and her trepidation is palpable. He scolds her, and has her kneel in the corner with her hands behind her head. While she waits, he fetches a cane.

The waiting seems excruciating. This is certainly not the first or last hard spanking she will endure, but being the good girl that she is, Pandora makes no struggle and submits to her punishment obediently. The ritualised positions and precision of Mike's discipline is highlighted as he has her stand and bend at the waist to lift her sundress and reveal her bottom to him, clad in striped cotton panties.

She endures a hard caning over her panties and quickly has the stripes to show for it. Humiliated, Pandora is told to lower her panties to mid-thigh to reveal the marks, and bend forward for an intense bare bottom caning. Pandora’s caned bottom is alight with tidy rows of red welts, and we see her wince and bite her knuckles as she silently accepts her punishment, never once protesting or reaching back to protect her delicate flesh.

Once the bare bottom caning is completed to his satisfaction, Mr Pain pulls up a chair and seats himself, putting Pandora across his lap for an OTK spanking. Like a king on his throne, he exudes absolute calm and control. Pandora braces herself, her striped bottom in position for the hard spanking she knows is coming. Mr Pain is a serious disciplinarian, and does not relent simply because her bottom is already sore. He begins a firm hand spanking, beginning with her blue and white striped panties in place, followed by a brief reprieve before they are pulled down to mid-thigh again, and her bottom glows under his hand.  


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