Casino Correction

Film (13.26 Mins) plus 56 photos
Casino owner Mike Pain employs a spanking game to punish distracted croupier Pandora Blake. A firm hand spanking over the knee, the leather paddle and belt. How many strokes? The roulette wheel will decide.

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Casino owner Mike Pain employs a spanking game to punish distracted croupier Pandora Blake. A firm hand spanking over the knee, the leather paddle and belt. How many strokes? The roulette wheel will decide.

A spanking game would be an unusual approach to discipline in most workplaces – but when your job is at a casino, it’s all part of the fun. Glamorous croupier Pandora Blake has been distracted of late, and her boss Mike Pain hasn’t failed to notice. She’s been making mistakes in calculating wins, and has been caught handing out the wrong winnings to a a mystery shopper who was gambling at her table – costing the casino money. Pandora admits to daydreaming, and pleads with Mike to not give her the sack.

She’s desperate not to lose her job, and she has inside information that gives her an idea. Gossip from the IT engineer tells her that Mike likes to surf spanking websites on his office computer. She offers him her bottom, and begs him to give her another chance. Perhaps a firm hand spanking will help her concentrate in future.

Mike quickly agrees, but with one condition: he will spin the roulette wheel, and let chance how many spanks Pandora gets. Pandora is nervous, but goes along with it. After all, how bad can it be?

The wheel spins, and Pandora begins to realise what she’s got herself into. Mike orders her over the knee for an OTK spanking with his hard hand, and the number of spanks is far higher than she’d bargained for. But that’s not all: Mike has more in store. Bottom already glowing, Pandora is disbelieving it when Mike tells her that he also has a stiff leather paddle and a long belt – and he intends to use them, continuing her punishment on the bare bottom.

He spins the wheel twice more, and Pandora learns that this isn’t her lucky day.  After all, the house always wins…

Photography: Nimue Allen

Preview Gallery

Casino Correction - Behind the Scenes

We venture behind the scenes at Mike Pain’s casino, and find out what he does that makes Pandora go “yummy yummy yummy”. Nimue and Mike figure out how to best film the roulette wheel, while deciding on the number of strokes Pandora is to get. There’s also exclusive unused footage – and a reassurance that, yes, the acting in a spanking film is allowed to be hammy.



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Mike Pain

Pandora and Mike chat about everything spanking – starting with how and when Mike first realised he was into corporal punishment, and going onto his current preference for impersonal, clinical punishments, and scenes in which he spanks or is spanked by someone he knows is secretly enjoying it. They delve into one of Mike’s hottest fantasies, and Mike tells why he’s sometimes called ‘phone booth Mike’. A fascinating interview with a life-long kinkster, full of eye-witness details of Mike’s childhood in caning-obsessed 1960s South Africa.

6 Responses

  1. I like the idea of chance deciding what type of spanking you get. I’ve had thoughts of games in which a penalty for losing is a spanking and the roll of a dice decides what implement, what position, what level of exposure etc. In such games, I feel that bare bottom spankings should be reserved for the roll of a double six…or perhaps double one. ☺

  2. It may seem like a quite short spanking but Mike makes every one of those slaps count. He really seems to be laying them on so firmly that even Pandora winces! (By the way don’t let me loose in a casino with PB on croupier duties in a purple dress and seamed stockings. Totally skint in no time….)

  3. Stunningly good film Pandora! I just love it. Particularly the way Mike gradually and expertly colours your bottom from pale pink to bright crimson by the end. The final 11 strokes with the belt were very hot. And your final comment about this being an effective way of dealing with the issue, if it ever happened again, could perhaps just leave a window of opportunity for ‘Casino Correction 2’!

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