The Russian Treatment – part 2

Film (14:35) with 60 screengrabs
Preview image for The Russian Treatment - part two. Mike Pain kneels on the bed, pants down to expose his red bottom as nurse Pandora Blake prepares to cane him

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It’s been a week since Mike Pain started his course of spanking therapy, and Nurse Pandora is pleased to see he’s responding well to the treatment. She starts the last session by administering a firm hand spanking on his bare buttocks, which are marked red from the previous treatments, including a caning from Nurse Molly earlier in the week.

Soon, Mike is relaxing visibly under Nurse Pandora’s hand. She moves on to working with the leather strap, beginning with fifteen strokes with its softer side. Taking deep, cleansing breaths, Mike bears up well through another fifteen strokes with the stingier side of the strap. With his bottom glowing and his spirits lifting, it’s time for the final part of the treatment: twelve hard cane strokes.

Afterwards, Nurse Pandora rubs his bottom with lotion, praising him for how far he’s come since the start of his therapeutic spanking treatment. She leaves a smiling Mike to relax on the bed, letting him enjoy the endorphins coursing through his body.  

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The Russian Treatment – part 2 - Behind the Scenes

Throughout the filming of part two, Pandora and Mike keep communication and consent open. The pair discuss with Nimue the best position for Mike’s strapping, and make sure they get the little details just right. Pandora can’t resist giving Mike some additional hand spanks before the cane, which he laps right up; and they enjoy a shared squee over how good the soft leather strap feels. It’s clear Mike is enthusiastic and happy to take some hard CP to round off his shoot with us, and once it’s wrapped, Pandora gives him a congratulatory hug.

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9 responses

  1. Good to see a shapely male derrière soundly spanked and caned–hard. I find Mike to be a man easily identified with.

    I bet Russian Therapy would be more effective at treating depression, in some people, than ECT is.

  2. I should add, that it is always great to get away from the punitive pedagogical framework.

  3. Hee hee hee hee. Luvvit!

    And seriously – spanking is incredibly therapeutic – physically and especially psychologically. I am feeling an urgent need of a disciplinary nurse right now!

  4. Pandora, I love your strapping and caning technique, it’s so lovely, measured and precision. I was interested to see and hear the difference when you turned the strap round. The shiny side gives so much less cushioning of micro air pockets, which makes for a distinctly slappier sound and of course a much sharper connection on Mike’s cheeks.

    Your advice on breathing is really spot on (and personally very useful). It really is so important in helping a cane and strap recipient manage how they receive the ministrations of those sharply punishing instruments. It helps you feel how your whole body responds – not just the obvious area of sharp stimulus and intense reaction, but elsewhere where the effects are more subtle. That’s why Mike can say – I am absolutely sure with honesty beyond acting in a film – how it is making him feel better and better even though it stings painfully. That is a very real feeling of well-being for spankees, and why the job of a disciplinarian is one that demands a high level of skill and attention to detail and reaction.

    And nice aftercare!! Mike Pain, you are a lucky, lucky naughty man, and I can tell you absolutely love getting that bottom of yours tanned to a lovely glowing and stinging red.

    Best wishes to you both

  5. Thanks Yianni, I was thinking while editing this that the breathing techniques might be useful for people! It seems to work for everyone I introduce it to – and Mike certainly seemed to be enjoying himself, as the behind the scenes video makes clear!

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