Blake’s Spontaneous Caning

Film (7:23 mins) with 18 screengrabs
Blake kneels on a couch with their bottom bared and covered with cane stripes whilst Nimue Allen stands to the side holding a cane against Blake's bottom

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After a long day on set, Blake and Nimue are ready for some downtime. What better way to enjoy it than with a bit of spontaneous caning?

A playful spanking between friends has a very different vibe to a scripted scene following a carefully predetermined plot. With no characterisation to think about and no story to follow, Blake gets to ask for exactly what they want – and what they want is hard strokes, a firm hand and enough time to really enjoy it.

This candid film was shot on the weekend we filmed Queueing For The Cane, alongside the similarly spontaneous beating of Eryn’s we published toward the end of last year. It’s a lovely look into the real life dynamic between some of our performers, and an even lovelier look at the gorgeous set of raised red welts Blake is left with by the end.

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Nimue Allen

Long time friend of Dreams, Nimue Allen, sat down with Pandora Blake after a shoot to discuss the intricacies of caning as an extreme sport, zombie apocalypse porn, and how it feels to be on set again after the pandemic.

17 Responses

  1. I loved this, a group of spanko friends having a laugh and enjoying their kink in a relaxed fun way.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with what Mark says. The technical quality of the stream is not so good now. But the love and fun generated between Blake and Nimue remain excellent in quality. I love this site frustrating though it can be at times.
    ( don’t know what’s causing all the underlines 🙂 xx

  3. Still Getting to Grips with the ‘new’formats and Site(s).

    Quite a departure from the old tried and trusted Spanking Websites we have come to know and love so well

    from The 1970s and 1980s and beyond.

    Where what you saw was what you got with no frills and usually high quality subs visually most of the time.

    A definite wallet reacher.

    No doubt about it though Pandora remains THE star of this particular site and has’still got it’…….if not being THE sole dynamo.

    I wonder what the age range is being aimed at for the site ? Spanking events Ive been to a large proportion are middle aged

    men from 50s to 80s,unsurprisingly,or used to be, I often laugh when the same crowd were in Soho Strip shows being blasted with

    max Volume ‘Hip Hop’,’Rap’,type ‘,music,when Cole Porter was far more their ‘thing;.LOL.Dont know what happened to those shows.

    The good old days might to be ‘woke’but us older guys are more comfortable in the pre’ woke’ bubble even if it contravenes

    current societal fashion! 🙂 Lets pretend shall we and watch the profits roll in.

  4. Well, I am in my 70s and for me the word “woke” is just a trendy way of disparaging people who are not comfortablew with the arid onformity and meaness of tory Britain. I have been woke since 1963–between the Chatterly trial and the Beatles first LP. I shall continue to be so, til I die.
    Where I do agree with you is in sharing your sadness on the loss of the old Dreams of Spanking site. Yesterday I watched one of the classic videos, downloaded onto a UBS. Then I watched the same video on streaming. The poor quality of the latter was more than apparent–it was shocking!
    Like you though, I do love Pandora and her friends. I love Blake too! But will I fork out £100+ to renew my sub at the end of the year? I doubt it.

    1. looking a the video and the conditions it was filmed in, It looks like it was a spontaneous thing not a planned shoot. So I’ll forgive that as to me this sort of thing is what its all about. Enjoying kink in an enviroment with friends letting their hair down. The formal shoots I think are great quality. But to many spanko’s the party enviroment is just as valid. I Love the new format the behind the scenes stuff is great insight.

  5. looking a the video and the conditions it was filmed in, It looks like it was a spontaneous thing not a planned shoot. So I’ll forgive that as to me this sort of thing is what its all about. Enjoying kink in an enviroment with friends letting their hair down. The formal shoots I think are great quality. But to many spanko’s the party enviroment is just as valid. I Love the new format the behind the scenes stuff is great insight.

  6. Behind the scenes stuff is not new here. Nor is spontaneity and creativity. What is new is erratic access to the site—a recurring bug being that passords are not recognised, and detail seem to get transferred to a WordPress login. The admin seem to be at a loss to do anything about it, instead they have taken to deleting comments which draw attention to the problem. What happened to the Mission Statement which the classic site operated under? The FAQ ? If you were to show me the two sites side-by-side, and I didn’t know which was supposed to be the improved one: I would definitely say that the previous site was the higher quality upgrade.

    1. Thank you for finding the bug where someone entering an incorrect username or password was sent to the admin login page – this was a default setting of the software the front-end was built on, and we have now changed it so that users who enter their details incorrectly are shown a failure message and sent back to the user login page instead. Far from being “at a loss”, our team have been working as fast as possible behind the scenes to improve the site – which you are aware of, as we have been keeping in touch with you by email throughout this process.

      Since the new site launched in March – which was overdue as the old site was built on a content management system that was no longer supported – you have filed 9 bug reports, many of them repetitive, all of which we have responded to promptly. You’ve posted a number of comments, the majority of the complaining about things that we have already spoken about via email. your I offered you a 121 concierge call to help you navigate the new site, which you declined. I offered you a refund for the remainder of your subscription, which you also declined. As you know, the new site is a work in progress, and I welcome feedback and do my best to take it on board. Instead of complaining to another user where I can see it about not having the mission statement and FAQ on the new site, how about taking me up on that call? It seems like you don’t actually want to be helped, you just want to complain.

  7. I have had one or two technical issues over time with all the sites,cant remember exactly things like
    previews not loading properly etc.
    I would like to see some fresh faces on any Spanking site otherwise it runs the risk of being repetitive or boring -its probably quite difficult nowadays to
    find youngsters wanting to enter the business,the risk of being recognised at work and the like,I would imagine,though it doesnt
    seem to have stopped people in the past.
    Im hearing from cam models in USA that theres a huge crackdown by major Internet Banks and payments providers on Payment for Sexual Services
    at present,almost like some of them are trying to ‘cancel’ ‘porn’.I wouldnt be surprised.Far from becoming more enlightened and permissive we seem to be heading backwards in the opposite direction maybe?Some Cam models are too afraid to produce Customs.
    The best Sites Ive seen in the past were Old Dreams of Spanking ,Cutie Spankie and Girls Boarding School before they shut.
    They had exciting new storys every couple weeks with lots of talent and seemd to ‘get ‘our thing.
    All are welcome here though and I look forward to improvements in the future-fingers crossed.

    1. I agree that the backlash against online sexual freedom is concerning. Casting can be tricky – I’ve been trying for months to find a new young-looking male spankee and have had no luck at all. In general though I’ve always preferred to shoot with close friends where the trust and chemistry are strong – that’s been the case since the beginning, and Dreams has never been one of those sites where you’ll see a new performer every week, many of whom don’t actually like spanking and never come back. We’ve always preferred to shoot with professionals who are genuine enthusiasts and who can be relied upon to give great value.

      We are releasing a new film ever week and in my opinion the scenes we’ve published in the last year have been some of our best, most of them brand new storylines and characters, and many completely original. It’s not realistic to do that every single week without a break – those productions cost money and we’ve always had a niche membership and a modest budget. These candid films offer something different from our more ambitious fantasy films: real people really having fun with spanking. I’ve been at events where people have come up to me and told me that, rather than our fictional storylines, these candid films are the thing that changed their life and helped them realise their kink was OK. So we’re going to continue to offer both. If you have suggestions for how the site can improve, feel free to email me – I’m always interested in feedback when it’s offered in good faith.

  8. And Nims gets to squeeze Pandora’s hot, striped bum at the end ♥♥♥

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