Eryn Rose

Based in United Kingdom

I’m Eryn Rose, an agender, pansexual, polyamorous switch, and I have been fascinated by all kinds of BDSM, including spanking, for as long as I can remember. I revel in the myriad of ways humans can be intimate with one another, and the intensely powerful experiences they can share through pain and control.

Acting, art nude modelling, and private BDSM, led me to fetish modelling, live performance, and eventually porn, and I couldn’t be happier! Doing a little of everything and enjoying sexuality and creativity in everything I do. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to make a living doing things that I am passionate about and, ever the exhibitionist, I love putting those erotic exchanges on camera for others to enjoy. When I was first discovering my fetishes I felt shame and confusion, fearing that those fantasies could only be fulfilled non-consensually. Now I know better, I want to help others shrug off their shame and see that spanking can be enjoyed lovingly and consensually. And that a trusted partner can help you safely create the illusion of non-consent too, if you so wish.

As an (almost) insatiable masochist, I have always loved the sensations of a thorough hand spanking, so I didn’t hesitate to start booking CP shoots when I was first offered them. Funnily enough the part I find hardest is being told off! My submissive side is ever so eager to please and hates disappointing anyone, even if the resulting punishment does give my bum a lovely warm glow.

Although I am primarily submissive, I also have a mean sadistic streak. I love to get reactions out of a willing bottom and force them to thank me for it too. But I can also be a caring and affectionate Daddy figure who doesn’t want to hurt you, but it is for your own good!

I have video stores on ManyVids and Clips4Sale, as well as an OnlyFans page which features daily updates full of kinky content, behind-the-scenes, fan requests, and more.

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