Eryn’s Spontaneous Caning

Film (35:55) with 18 screengrabs and 8 photos
Someone out of shot, holding a cane, strokes Eryn Rose's red, striped bottom as they kneel on a sofa

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The release of our most ambitious project yet brought with it a whole lot of hard work from a huge number of people – and one of them was Eryn Rose. They were a key part of our filming crew, and watching all those gorgeous canings left them a little jealous. When’s it their turn, hmm? This spontaneous content-share was dreamed up entirely by Eryn themselves, and made a charming interlude to the very focused work we were doing on Queueing for the Cane. It’s a gorgeously slow, candid film, more like a peek into the performer’s real lives than a produced porn showpiece.

Blake and Nimue take turns warming up Eryn’s beautiful backside with a very thorough OTK hand spanking, before fetching a pair of leather paddles and teaming up for alternate strokes. Lucky Eryn even gets a bonus beating from another member of the crew who hasn’t had a chance to paddle someone before, which goes down beautifully!

Of course, what this was all building up to is the caning itself – and what a caning it is. By the end, Eryn’s bottom is striped with a gorgeous set of raised red welts, and they’re feeling thoroughly satisfied with how the night has gone. All in time to film more school canings the day after – what more could a spanking fan ask for?

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  1. a group of Spanko’s get together and have fun……Yeap thats how it should be.

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