Attitude Adjusted! …Ads in 3

Film (12:31) with 12 screengrabs.
Faerie Willow gets paddled on the bare bottom by Pandora Blake as Eryn Rose watches. All three are dressed in office attire, Willow has her knickers pulled down to her thighs

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Hi fans! We know you loved our last spanking special, so when we had a little bit of office drama this week we knew it was time to get back in touch with our friends at Acme Paddles. This time, though, it’s not Erin’s bottom on the line – our new sales junior Willow has lost us one of our most important clients, so now it’s someone else’s turn to get humiliated for your entertainment!

Of course, company boss Mx. Blake rewards honesty in their employees as much as performance – so surely our channel star Eryn wouldn’t have lied about how the client was lost. Right?

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Attitude Adjusted! …Ads in 3 - Behind the Scenes

The whole team had a lot of fun with this one – cast, crew and production alike all got to play around with the concept! Those Acme paddles really are very severe and filming took place on a hot day, so there was plenty of checking in and negotiation between takes.


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