Film (18:43) with 30 screengrabs
Willow lays across the bed, her dress pulled up to show lacy black panties. Eryn smiles as they use a birch on Willow's bottom.

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Eryn and Willow have done a lot of fantastic character work with us over the past couple of years – but their real-life personas are just as kinky as the characters they play, and they’ve both been itching to try out some of the toys we use on set just the way they really like them.

This is a fun, giggly, intimate scene, shot on set between other more scripted stories. That doesn’t mean they go easy on each other, though! Eryn starts by warming up their spanking arm with a slender wooden paddle on the soles of Willow’s bare feet, before working up to a truly stingy plastic birch that left her bottom and thighs striped bright red. But as Willow herself reminds us, “payback’s a bitch when you play with a switch”…


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Switchuationship - Behind the Scenes

What could be more on-brand for us than a round of spanking and a cup of tea on an uncomfortably hot day? As we figured out our angles and made sure everyone was in shot, Eryn and Willow took the opportunity to chat about their respective spanking implement collections (Eryn’s clearly going to have some shopping to do after this) and the vagaries of the British summer.


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  1. Heehee, in those glasses Eryn almost looks like Eddie from Bottom 🤭 How appropriate 😉

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