The Whipping Boy’s Revenge

Film (09:43) with 39 screengrabs.
Faerie Willow kneels on a chair wearing a short pink dress and looks back at their bare exposed feet as Eryn hits Willow's soles with a riding crop

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It’s never occurred to Princess Willow that she could get into trouble: she’s been bratting her way through the palace for years, letting everyone from her staff to her beaus reap the consequences of her actions. When the Queen decided to punish one of her particular friends in her stead she thought it might finally get through to the girl, but to no avail. Princess Willow is as bratty and unrepentant as ever.

Eryn himself, though, with his sore backside and his wounded dignity, has had more than enough. Maybe the Queen won’t spank a princess, but he will – and he knows exactly how to keep from leaving a mark. After all, the soles of her feet won’t bruise – but they will make her wriggle and squirm.


Preview Gallery

The Whipping Boy’s Revenge - Behind the Scenes

Everyone on set was very pleased to see Eryn’s character finally get his well-earned revenge! Join them all backstage as they block out boot-kissing positions, find the hottest angles to display the feet of a princess and very nearly get a little carried away by the moment. There’s even some bonus out-of-character foot spanking that Willow doesn’t have to pretend to hate…


4 Responses

  1. Great video. I do like seeing the way Ms. Willow is hurting, but accepts her punishment. She might know she deserves it, but I think it is more a matter of her being willing to put up with Eryn to keep their relationship.

  2. I love willow in Brat mode. But the dynamic with Eryn is amazing and the chemistry is really really hot.

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