Princess Willow’s Whipping Boy

Film (13:33) with 51 screengrabs.
Eryn Rose bends over, their bare red bottom exposed. Pandora Blake stands to one side holding a strap, dressed regally. Faerie Willow stands to the other side in a short pink dress and tiara.

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There’s no denying it – Princess Willow is a bit of a brat. She’s been neglecting her duties and she seems to care only for her own entertainment; the Queen knows she must be punished. But how to punish her? After all, you can’t spank a princess!

You can, however, spank the young man she’s courting – and the Queen hopes forcing her wayward heir to watch such a thing might get through to her. At first the plan seems to have wholly backfired, leaving Willow more amused than anything else. After a while, however, with Eryn stripped bare from the waist down and bent exposed over a chair as the Queen straps him red raw and ignores his gasps and pleading, something in the girl seems to shift.

She professes her apologies, and in time the Queen relents. But something tells us contrition isn’t really what’s on Princess Willow’s mind…

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Princess Willow’s Whipping Boy - Behind the Scenes

Everyone enjoyed getting in-character for this one – especially Willow. She takes to bratty coquette roles remarkably well, doesn’t she?

Join us backstage to learn more about the royal knickers (colour coordinated), the royal high heels (unsustainably high) and the right royal spanking to come once Eryn gets their opportunity for revenge!


10 Responses

  1. Love seeing Willow in Brat mode, so sweet. Can’t wait for part 2. Erin was brilliant. Oh to see Willow as swwet Brat being spanked by Blake.

  2. Absolutely hilarious! I laughed out loud all the way through. Willow is delicious and become the archetypal minx. I look forward to Eryn enacting a smart revenge on the derriere of his smirking mistress. And, Blake is a wonderful Magpie Queen– my compliments to the costume designer. A sexy cuddle at the end there too xxx

  3. This is incredibly hot, I’m really looking forward to seeing where you went with the continuation.

    1. So many options – will the Queen decide the princess needs to feel a spanking first-hand, will the princess give her whipping boy her own spanking, or will the whipping boy get his revenge?

  4. Great scene. I enjoyed seeing Eryn suffering and Willow laughing at them.

    I am looking forward to a sequel with Eryn exacting revenge.

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