Princess Willow’s Whipping Boy


There’s no denying it – Princess Willow is a bit of a brat. She’s been neglecting her duties and she seems to care only for her own entertainment; the Queen knows she must be punished. But how to punish her? After all, you can’t spank a princess!

You can, however, spank the young man she’s courting – and the Queen hopes forcing her wayward heir to watch such a thing might get through to her. At first the plan seems to have wholly backfired, leaving Willow more amused than anything else. After a while, however, with Eryn stripped bare from the waist down and bent exposed over a chair as the Queen straps him red raw and ignores his gasps and pleading, something in the girl seems to shift.

She professes her apologies, and in time the Queen relents. But something tells us contrition isn’t really what’s on Princess Willow’s mind…