Consensual Spanking Compilation

Film (15:36) with 6 screengrabs
Talia Lane and David Weston spanking each other in a bubble bath and giggling together

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Celebrate the joys of an asked-for spanking with this collection of smiling faces, reddened bottoms and satisfied submissives, all taken from some of our most loved films!

Nimue gets put over a new date’s lap; Talia and David giggle in a deep, bubbly bath; Fauni decides it’s time to go to a professional; Lana gets introduced to a whole new world and Eryn has a much-anticipated assignation.

Happy International Consensual Spanking Day, everyone – and may your own consensual spankings be as satisfying as possible.

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Pre-shoot with Andrew Shada

Before shooting his first video for Dreams of Spanking, Andrew talks to Pandora about a range of topics including his kinky interests, spanking and power exchange; being a bisexual switch; his experiences of male/male spanking; why he opted for historical costumes scenes, and what drew him to shooting spanking video.

Post-shoot with Andrew Shada

Tom asks Andrew how he feels after his first day of shooting spanking video – what he found easy, what he didn’t, what expected and what he didn’t! They also discuss the strap, the crop, switching – and whether he would come back for more. Thanks Andrew, it was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to shooting with you again in 2014!
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