David Weston

Based in United Kingdom


I first discovered my kinky/submissive side in my teens after discovering the joys of internet porn, where I suddenly realised that I was rather turned on by things I’d never even thought about before.

It wasn’t until much later in my twenties that I actually acted on anything and went to my first fetish club and experienced my first consensual spanking – after that I was totally addicted, and spent the next couple of years going out to indulge myself almost every weekend.

Since then I’ve leapt on every opportunity that I’ve been givien to try something new, or experience a new sensation, but so far my favourite is still bare-handed or anything vaguely paddle shaped, although I’ve apparently got a yearning to try out a hairbrush after seeing one used on video. Other than spanking, I’ve also got a fetish for gloves, which goes back almost as far as I can remember but only very recently started talking about to anyone else.

Oh, and cake. I like cake. A lot.

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