Queueing for the Cane: Interview Special

Film (1:09:47) with 18 screengrabs
Preview image for Queueing for the Cane: Interview Special. Mistress Lorraine, Pandora Blake and Rosie Bower are all sitting in a schoolroom. Mistress Lorraine is dressed as a Headmistress, Rosie and Pandora are both dressed in school uniforms including ties

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When we filmed Queueing for the Cane back in March last year, we knew it was the start of something special. As a feature-length film with a full crew, six individual punishment scenes and a surprisingly fleshed-out backstory, it’s our most ambitious project to date – and with all those kinky people backstage, the conversations definitely got interesting!

Take a step behind the curtain to find out what was going on out of character in this series of informal chats with our performers. Listen in as Lorraine, Blake and Rosie discuss how to name a porn star, growing up with boarding school fantasies and their personal relationships with caning; join Jay and David on their whole journey through the exciting shared first this shoot gave them and learn a little more about Willow’s backstory. Spoiler alert: she likes caning a whole lot more than her character does – and it turns out she’s a method actor!

When it’s all over, join the whole cast in an empty classroom for a proper wrap chat – in which professional tricks, on-set secrets and striped bums are all laid bare.

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3 Responses

  1. Queueing for the Cane is probably one of the best spanking films I have ever watched. The dynamics between the 4 (so tempted to say the Brekfast club) just brought the whole scene to life. Jay was Hilarious and Willow’s acting was superb playing a character at odds with her nature. Blake has assembled an amazing team for that shoot. Now the extended interviews, Do we get a “Directors cut” double DVD box set soon?

    1. thinking on some of the comments and the genre will Blake have a crush to deal with at a later date?

    2. Thank you so much. Queueing for the Cane is the biggest project we have done and it was a labour of love. I feel very fortunate to have managed to get so many talented performers in the same place at the same time to capture this film

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