Rosie Bower

Based in UK

I’ve had an interest in all things kinky for as long as I can remember and I love finding different ways to explore this, from spankings in private with friends or partners, to playing at fetish clubs, and even writing some filth from time to time. I really enjoy the creativity and playfulness of the kink scene, even when delving into darker fantasies. Being in front of the camera brings a whole new perspective to a scene, and as a not-so-secret exhibitionist, I find it really turns the volume up on the experience. My first time performing on film was when I was nineteen, but I’ve never lost that special frisson of excitement which comes when someone says ‘Action’.

Upcoming custom shoots:

If the performer is scheduled to be in either a upcoming shoot or an unconfirmed requested shoot, you will see the date below and you can go to the Customs section to request a custom fantasy with them in it.

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