The Morpheus Club: James’s Initiation

Film (running time 13:00) with gallery of 30 screengrabs.
Zoe stands holding a riding crop against her upper thighs. You can see Rosie and James between her legs, kneeling on all fours and looking up at her submissively.

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James is being initiated into a very special secret society: one of pleasure and of pain, of service and of submission. He knows he wants this – wants to give himself to Zoe, to learn what she has to teach him – but he’s nervous, too; the Morpheus Club keep their practices a close secret, and even as he slides into the stockings and suspenders Zoe has told him to wear under his clothes he’s not entirely certain what he’s letting himself in for.

That’s where Rosie comes in. She’s been a member for a while, and she’s learned what the Club asks of its initiates. As the meeting begins she’s bound and exposed, ready to help Zoe show James everything he’ll be asked to learn. He’s not as experienced as she is, of course; not as accustomed to holding the positions, not as used to breathing through the exquisite pain of a spanking. But as he begins to learn the ropes and gets his first red bottom, he knows he’s desperate to learn more.

And this, of course, is just the beginning – there are plenty more initiation rites to follow…


Preview Gallery

The Morpheus Club: James’s Initiation - Behind the Scenes

There are some gorgeously headspacey moments in both this and in the beautifully teased Part II, including James’s first ever experience of CBT play. The key to getting horny content out of intense scenarios is, as ever, collaboration and consent! Our backstage content gives a peek into the sort of negotiations our performers engage in throughout the process – alongside the mishaps, the sneak peeks and the unexpectedly sexy camera angles we met along the way.



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Initiation Negotiations

In this pre-scene negotiation, Zoe Page, James Coulson and Rosie Bower discuss plot, boundaries and toys in preparation for Morpheus Club Scene they are about to film along with the Dreams of Spanking team.

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