The Morpheus Club: Going Deeper

Film (running time 15:26) with gallery of 48 screengrabs.
Zoe stands behind Rosie and covers Rosie's mouth as she uses the tawse on Rosie's bound breasts. James stands and watches wearing panties and a suspender belt.

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It’s time for another meeting of mysterious secret spanking society the Morpheus Club, and this month Zoe means to take full advantage of Rosie’s tight breast bondage. She’ll be left with a truly impressive set of bruises after such a thorough strapping – and they’ll match the angry red welts on her bottom, too.

James, of course, doesn’t get off lightly. He’s subjected to sensations he’s only ever dreamed of as Zoe grips, twists and paddles his vulnerable, exposed balls, leaving him moaning and writhing in an agony of pleasure and pain.

He’s learning the ropes, clearly – starting to understand the positions, figuring out how his new Mistress wants him to respond when she asks him a question, forming a bond with his fellow sub. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a great deal more to learn, and after Zoe strides from the room it’s clear he’s already anticipating the next lesson!

Preview Gallery

The Morpheus Club: Going Deeper - Behind the Scenes

There are some gorgeously headspacey moments in both this and in the beautifully teased Part II, including James’s first ever experience of CBT play. The key to getting horny content out of intense scenarios is, as ever, collaboration and consent! Our backstage content gives a peek into the sort of negotiations our performers engage in throughout the process – alongside the mishaps, the sneak peeks and the unexpectedly sexy camera angles we met along the way.


3 Responses

  1. Discovered today that Pandoras excellent rendition of the Texas Prison Strap
    is not so unrelated here as one might think
    Apparently our very own Dartmoor Prison had a bad rep for this sort of thing.
    Quite apart from the estimated 1400 otherwise healthy French and American POWS
    who died there between 1813 and 1816 often by neglect or ‘mistreatment’.
    The Prison had a notorious’flogging’regime for the slightest infraction that was designed
    to ‘break’the hardest of inmates.
    Birches & The Cat were the instruments of choice apparantly.
    This continued right through The Victorian Era the last use in Dartmoor of the ‘cat of nines’being as recent
    as 1950 within living memory of the elderly.
    This was coupled with a sea change in mood after WW2 after the flagellation excesses of The Prussian
    Gaol and Camp systems were revealed to the world.
    This gave a bad name to Corporal Punishment in general.
    So a gentler way was opted for.
    Ironically Flogging continued apace in Academic Institutions throughout The ‘Sexy ‘1960s
    adding extra piquance to the events.
    With caning being abolished by European Court of Human Rights after cases,around 1986
    in Britain a withdrawl from the ECHR could pave the way in UK for a unchallenged
    return of caning in Academia & Home.
    Many would say jolly good thing too given current high rates of delinquency.!

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