The Morpheus Club: Going Deeper


It’s time for another meeting of mysterious secret spanking society the Morpheus Club, and this month Zoe means to take full advantage of Rosie’s tight breast bondage. She’ll be left with a truly impressive set of bruises after such a thorough strapping – and they’ll match the angry red welts on her bottom, too.

James, of course, doesn’t get off lightly. He’s subjected to sensations he’s only ever dreamed of as Zoe grips, twists and paddles his vulnerable, exposed balls, leaving him moaning and writhing in an agony of pleasure and pain.

He’s learning the ropes, clearly – starting to understand the positions, figuring out how his new Mistress wants him to respond when she asks him a question, forming a bond with his fellow sub. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a great deal more to learn, and after Zoe strides from the room it’s clear he’s already anticipating the next lesson!