Hard Spankings for Bottom of the Rankings – Blake


There’s clearly something to these workplace spankings as a motivational technique: yet again new girl Zoe is on top, with senior manager Rosie having made a surging comeback and avoided the company paddle. So that just leaves…

Blake proves an extremely sore loser in more ways than one. They try everything in their power to get out of the punishment, but their colleagues are having none of it. Rosie even goes so far as to call Blake’s partner to make sure their humiliation won’t end when their workday does!

Zoe gets them up on the meeting room table, bottom exposed and legs spread, wriggling and complaining with every shameful stroke. The spanking that follows is thorough, public and perhaps a little longer than required, with Zoe very keen to ensure the message hits home. After all, Blake did handle her so very roughly the first time she was in the line of fire.

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