Neighbourhood Watch

Film (running time 11:54) with gallery of 42 screengrabs.
James Coulson lies across Zoe Page's lap with their jeans and pants pulled down. Zoe is spanking James' exposed bottom

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Kinky newlyweds James and Rosie knew the fragile ruse that swept them up in I Must Not Impersonate A Schoolgirl couldn’t last. Inevitably, their squawkiest neighbour has seen straight through them – and she is not impressed. Probably. Frankly it’s hard to keep up. Wait, is she…is she enjoying this?

Having sat through a magnificent world record attempt at high-speed scolding, a rather bewildered James finds himself thrown over Zoe’s lap. Embarrassed and appalled, he hopes to find an ally in his wife – only to discover that she too is amused by the whole situation. A comedy of errors that culminates in an unjust spanking? Yeah, he has it coming.

Intoxicated by her newfound empowerment, Zoe has her wicked way with James’s backside (and with his belt) right up until the tea’s finished brewing. The end result is a true farce in the great British tradition, complete with a tousled young man whose bottom is as red as his face.


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Neighbourhood Watch - Behind the Scenes

A fast-paced scene like this takes some work on the staging, and everyone behind the camera was thoroughly entertained by Zoe’s stern scolding patter. James, who has mostly topped for us until now, was delighted to have the chance to get himself a spanking – there’s really something about beating a man with his own belt, isn’t there?


4 Responses

  1. Zoe’s character is hilarious, really fun story please keep it going. Maybe up to and including Zoe getting her come uppance. And Rosie so relaxed about it, but as they say revenge is a sweet dish served cold. And James in the proper place.

    1. When Zoe developed this bonkers character in “I Must Not Impersonate a Schoolgirl” we couldn’t get enough of her! I absolutely had to see her spank someone, and it seemed only fair for James to take a turn 🙂

  2. Zoe and Rosie team up to humiliate handsome gent James, Zoe bares and smacks his fit, smooth bum while Rosie laughs at hubby’s embarrassing predicament! 😀 ♥

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