Hard Spankings for Bottom of the Rankings – Blake

Film (12:35 mins) with 36 screengrabs
Blake kneels on a wooden table, legs spread and bottom bare as Zoe Page swings a large wooden paddle at Blake's behind. Rosie Bower sits on the table and watches

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There’s clearly something to these workplace spankings as a motivational technique: yet again new girl Zoe is on top, with senior manager Rosie having made a surging comeback and avoided the company paddle. So that just leaves…

Blake proves an extremely sore loser in more ways than one. They try everything in their power to get out of the punishment, but their colleagues are having none of it. Rosie even goes so far as to call Blake’s partner to make sure their humiliation won’t end when their workday does!

Zoe gets them up on the meeting room table, bottom exposed and legs spread, wriggling and complaining with every shameful stroke. The spanking that follows is thorough, public and perhaps a little longer than required, with Zoe very keen to ensure the message hits home. After all, Blake did handle her so very roughly the first time she was in the line of fire.


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Hard Spankings for Bottom of the Rankings – Blake - Behind the Scenes

This is the final film in a three-part saga about this firm’s dubious employee motivation practices, so we wanted to make sure we paid some attention to continuity! We filmed it fairly early on during a long day’s work when focus was high and there was a lot still to do, so this week’s peek behind the curtain gives you a nice little look about what our sets are like when everyone’s in full work mode.



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7 Responses

  1. Wonderful to see the final episode with Blake suffering the most humiliating possible experience at this workplace.
    Great job by the whole team!

  2. Greetings Again!
    Your films just seem to be getting better & better.
    This comment relates to another film a little while ago “Secretly Craving A Caning”
    But Ive taken the liberty of posting it here-on your latest one as I feel it will stand more chance
    of being read quicker and being responded to.
    No as you may know Im mad diabolically keen to purchase and view Secretly Craving A Caning as Im under the impression it may be one of the most exciting presentations of all time!
    However currently a couple of hurdles prevent me from doing so & its not money.
    It seems that when this was touted as being released on 18th it was indeed -on here as a 9.99 single purchase option.
    All so far so good.But when the payment options are displayed its CC Bill only.(See you requested feedback form submited
    re CC BILL.I wonder why you have requested specific viewer feedback feelings re CCBill but I can guess?)
    With PayPal (being a hoped for future option,not current).
    So both of these payment options are currently unavailable-at least to me.
    THEREFORE I was wondering if” Secretly Craving A Caning” could be posted in lieu on Clips 4 Sale Site “Blake Presents!?!!!
    This would seem to be highly appropriate as Blake does indeed present quite a lot in this excellent film!
    This would allow purchase by a currently excluded customer element without waiting till the PayPal optin is set up.
    What do you think?

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