Captured Pirate Queen

Film (16:53) with 75 screengrabs
Pirate queen Pandora Blake has her captured rival Rosie Bower tied to the bed

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For ten years or more, Rosie the Brave and Banshee Blake have ruled the waves as rivals: chasing each other’s loot, poaching each other’s crew and trying never to dock in the same port. When Rosie is raided by the King’s men and thrown into gaol to await the hangman’s noose, Blake’s crew see it as a stroke of remarkable luck – but Blake herself sees a much more interesting opportunity.

Between her crew, her connections and lashings of pirate gold, Blake manages to spring Rosie from her cell – and have her brought aboard the Whipping Susan, where she’s entirely at Blake’s mercy.

Emboldened by fury and refusing to submit, Rosie finds herself bound and exposed while her greatest enemy beats her, fondles her and leaves her thoroughly humiliated. She knows she’ll be at the mercy of the Susan’s entire crew if she doesn’t give in – but perhaps a part of her secretly finds that idea a little exciting…

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Captured Pirate Queen - Behind the Scenes

A romp of such epic proportions naturally engendered plenty of backstage hijinks – and between hats, eyepatches, handcuffs and at least one major wedgie, the props and costumes were as uncooperative as Rosie’s character! We also get a peek into negotiations between performers about what works best and how to keep Rosie looking fresh for her next shoot. This one was as much fun to make as it is to watch, and everyone on set got to have a fabulously gay time.



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Rosie Bower

After a filming day packed with caning, domestic eroticism and pirate tomfoolery, Pandora and Rosie sat down for a thorough debrief.

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  1. Haha, a whole new genre! Thank you, Rosie was such tremendous fun to roleplay with 🙂

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