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Spanking audio story (39:11) written by Rosie Bower

Schoolgirl Julie has recently been made head girl, and with that title come certain duties and responsibilities. Her three friends – Vicky, Liam and Laura – have been caught smoking, and are in serious trouble. Mr Albert, the headmaster, has ordered Julie to punish her friends herself, an idea which they initially dismiss as a bit of a laugh. But Julie is serious; if she doesn’t carry out this punishment for real, the trio will get expelled, and her authority as Head Girl will be in tatters.

As Julie slowly finds her confidence, her friends reluctantly submit one by one to the pain and embarrassment of corporal punishment. Quiet Laura fearfully bends over the desk, granting laddish Liam a clear upskirt view of her non-regulation pink knickers. Julie applies the wooden paddle with gusto until Laura is squirming and sobbing. Next it's time for pretty and popular Vicky to be put in her place by a good, hard leather strapping – which Julie goes out of her way to make humiliating. And finally, Liam’s swagger is taken down a few notches – as the one who got the others into smoking he is given the hardest punishment of all: the cane.

A firm hand spanking is not enough, so Julie orders Liam to bend over and touch his toes for six of the best. As if being stripped naked wasn't enough, his shame is complete when Vicky and Laura are told to each give him a stroke – after all, he is the reason their bottoms are so sore. 

Written by Rosie Bower and read by Pandora Blake, this audio porn story simmers with tension, eroticism and humiliation. An original twist on the traditional theme of Head Girl school punishments.


2 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed listening to you read this Pandora. My sub has been well spent. Merry Xmas to you and your loves x

  2. This was a very entertaining story and flawlessly narrated. The ability to access great material from this site for listening as well as viewing is a big plus.

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