I must not impersonate a schoolgirl

Film (running time 9:55) with gallery of 21 screengrabs.
Rosie Bower, dressed in school uniform including blazer, tie and hat turns around to look at her own bottom

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When James finds an old school uniform packed away in his attic, his first thought is to throw it away. Rosie has another idea: it does look like it would be a perfect fit, and neither of them are against a little roleplay. Seeing his wife dressed up as an old-fashioned schoolgirl, James’s interest is immediately piqued: she’s got the kneesocks and everything! A sudden ring on the doorbell interrupts all thoughts of playtime, though, leaving James to field their nosiest new neighbour alone.

When Zoe asks to use the facilities before she leaves, he can hardly refuse – but inevitably the Neighbourhood Watch busybody stumbles across an awkward, impatient Rosie, sat on the bed wishing she’d had time to get changed back into her own clothes. The one saving grace is that she assumes James has a sister playing truant, leaving the embarrassed couple to go along with the ruse.

The rest of Rosie’s day becomes a comedy of errors, culminating in her being caned by the local private school headmistress and sent home with a set of angry red welts and five thousand lines to write. Seeing her undress, finally getting out of the now-hated uniform, James can’t help but become a little aroused – just look at the stripes Rosie now has under her white cotton knickers!

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I must not impersonate a schoolgirl - Behind the Scenes

Rosie needed a set of fresh cane marks to show off in the final few shots – and in the absence of a stern headmistress, director Blake was only too happy to oblige. This week’s backstage clip gives us the whole caning, complete with the crew’s efforts to make sure Rosie’s welts are up to scratch.


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  1. Enjoyable scene. I love the cosy maternal pat that Zoe treats Rosie too. Enjoyed looking up the stairs as Zoe ascended. I am pleased not to see up her skirt to her knickers. My pervy old self was stimulated by the anticipation of doing so. But if I had seen, I would have forgotten it by now. As it is, the anticipatory stimulus lingers x

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