Hard Spankings for Bottom of the Rankings – Rosie Bower

Film (11:52 mins) with 27 screengrabs
Zoe Page spanks Rosie Bower's bare bottom with a large wooden paddle. Rosie is on all fours on a wooden table. Pandora Blake sits on the table next to them watching the scene with a smirk.

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We’re back at everyone’s favourite highly dubious sales & marketing firm this week, where it’s time for the monthly commission rankings to go live once more. After last month’s debacle, newbie Zoe swore she’d never come last again – and in fact she’s worked so hard to avoid it that she’s topped the list, giving herself the honour of paddling the backside of whoever’s numbers have slipped the most.

Which turns out to be Rosie, a senior exec who hasn’t done this poorly in years. Zoe and Blake are both her direct reports, so the whole affair takes on an extra frisson of glee for them. Rosie is determined to approach this as an opportunity to set a good example, and at first she seems almost to be managing it – even on a table on all fours with her trousers and panties around her ankles, somehow she maintains a little dignity. But for how long?

As the spanking wears on – and Zoe does seem to be enjoying it so very much – Rosie finds it harder and harder to keep her composure. As Zoe beats her and gropes her, exposes and humiliates her, it’s all she can do to breathe through it – and vow not to be so complacent in the coming weeks. We’ll be following the team for one more month, so watch this space to find out who bottoms the board next time…


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Hard Spankings for Bottom of the Rankings – Rosie Bower - Behind the Scenes

There’s something completely delightful about the unhinged sadistic glee with which Zoe approached her characterisation here. Backstage of course our performers were all checking in with each other as usual, and watching Zoe turn the role on and off is a bit of a sight to behold!



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Rosie Bower

After a filming day packed with caning, domestic eroticism and pirate tomfoolery, Pandora and Rosie sat down for a thorough debrief.

8 Responses

  1. Oh what a turn around, but a gorgeous paddelling. The ringing and the echo from each stroke was amazing to hear. Rosie so calm cool and collected. And Zoe was brilliant. And I wonder if Blake will be the next one to feel Zoe wrath.

    1. Maybe your tasted is irredeemably jaded ? Or so niche that it is difficult to satisfy 100% of the time? Tell us about yourself and what you want.

  2. Yes. I love the juxtaposition of the spanking being a normal every-day office thing, and it being just awful and humiliating.

    And yes, I would suggest anyone who wants a different sort of movie should click on the custom page, tell what you want, and send in your money, and it will happen.

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