Hard Spankings for Bottom of the Rankings – Zoe Page

Film (13:33 mins) with 30 screengrabs
Preview Image for Hard Spankings for the Bottom of the Rankings: Zoe Page. Zoe Page kneels on all fours on the table, her trousers and knickers around her knees. Pandora Blake and Rosie Bower stand behind her, wearing smart business clothing. Pandora is holding a large wooden paddle

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Pandora Blake, Rosie Bower and Zoe Page work for a company with a fascinating way of motivating their sales floor staff: whoever brings in the most money in any given month gets to dole out a paddling to whoever came last. This month, that means Pandora gets their hands on Zoe – the team newbie who’s never been beaten before.

Zoe squeals and complains so much in the runup to her punishment that her colleagues humiliate her all the more to drive the point home. Before long she’s up on the table on all fours, utterly exposed, underwear around her ankles and legs spread. Every impact leaves her squirming and crying out, and she certainly doesn’t take her punishment lightly!

She’s left with a red, sore bottom, but it seems that the most wounded thing is her pride. Will this be enough to get her working harder in time for next month’s rankings?

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Hard Spankings for Bottom of the Rankings – Zoe Page - Behind the Scenes

We asked Zoe for big reactions for this one, and she delivered – there were lots of backstage giggles over all the drama! This was the first of a three-part series – we’ll be releasing parts two and three soon, so watch this space to find out how the office leaderboards look next month…



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Rosie Bower

After a filming day packed with caning, domestic eroticism and pirate tomfoolery, Pandora and Rosie sat down for a thorough debrief.

9 Responses

  1. Excellent performance by Mx Page. They just seemed so totally believable — something totally absurd happening to a normal business person.

  2. Zoë (with a diaeresis?) is another wonderful addition to the DoS cast-list. There’s a lot of her work elsewhere online, the overwhelming majority of it as a top, and all good. I like her even more since she started to switch.

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