The Clone’s Training

Film (13:11) with 75 screengrabs
Preview Image for The Clone's Training. Nude David Weston bends over to prepare to take the cane from Pandora Blake who is dressed in a lab coat

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It's the eve of the Crown Prince's coronation and his clone must go through the final preparations before he finally fulfils his destiny.

Identical to the Crown Prince, down to every birthmark and precisely-placed scar, clone number eight has been raised for this exact purpose. Trained by the military, tested to his limits, when he's put through his final paces the instructor must ensure that every detail is correct: right down to a match of the Crown Prince's recent injuries.

David Weston stars as both clone number eight and the Crown Prince in this sci-fi porn story. Pandora Blake is his authoritative instructor. She orders the clone to strip, and – noting that the Prince recently sustained a bruise on his hip – she punches him in just the right place to make sure his marks match. Then it's time for the final step to prepare him for this mission: corporal punishment.

As the prince was recently subjected to a six-stroke caning, it's imperative that the clone goes through the same ordeal. The medical scanners won't be fooled by the bodyswap if the clone's bottom is unblemished. Well trained in unquestioning compliance, he bends over to receive six severe strokes of the cane.

After his judicial caning, the clone will be ready to pull off the audacious plan of the rebel alliance to date, the culmination of years of preparation, and replace the Prince as head of state. But first he must grit his teeth in this final, painful stage of his training. He may not want to go through with it, but he has no choice – it's his destiny, after all.

(With apologies and respect to Lois McMaster Bujold.)

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The Clone’s Training - Behind the Scenes

Sci-fi fans Pandora and David collaborate on The Clone’s Training – including some superb physical improvisation by David, and suggestions for sinister plot elements! This was a big acting challenge for David, playing two identical characters – and he rose to it admirably. Also includes an intimate look at David’s experience taking his first ever cold caning, including real-time reactions, cuts, negotiation and breaks for water. This punishment pushed his limits, and we were all rooting for him as he steeled himself to complete it. This video shows that six of the best can really hurt – and that making spanking films takes a tremendous amount of courage.



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David Weston

David tells Pandora about his off-camera spanking experience and how he got his first spanking from a stranger at a fetish club. “I wanted more… as soon as I had it that was it, it was like someone flicked a switch in my brain, and I went from not really understanding it to ‘Oh my God – give me all the spanking!'”

11 Responses

  1. The free trailer isn’t ready yet – it will be uploaded tomorrow. I’ve had various requests for more male full frontal nudity and since David was happy with the idea – and has such a gorgeous body – I thought this scenario would provide a good opportunity for some full nudity, medical play and humiliating whole-body inspections!

  2. I luv this scene, what a fantastic idea to bring on the humiliation, the close body inspection is just so close the edge.

    David’s performance is superb and Pandora as always delivers a beautiful flawless punishment.

    Thanks everyone, totally luv it….hats off to you all……xxx

    You always come up with new and great ideas, I would luv to get inside your head Pandora to see how it ticks.


  3. When I click on as a member to the vids it says buy and join yet it says hello Timmy ,please help ,best spanks,Timx

  4. Thanks John, I know this film was a bit more out there in terms of the storyline and scenario, but I’m really glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  5. I love some of his beautiful, rather feminine poses. His body is slender, but also a little rough and masculine. This is also how I generally prefer to present myself in nude photos.

  6. I just watched the preview posted above and this looks wonderful. I can see that you’ve learned so much and come such a long way as writer, editor, actor, director. I’m more impressed with you now than ever before. And of course, you know how I love sci-fi. I’m working on a sci-fi blues album and am writing some stories for the blog that will be sci-fi in nature.

    I’m looking forward to getting a membership soon and check out this and what looks like so many great works by you and your team. You rock!

    Best Regards,

  7. hi this video is lovely. some great acting too. its nice to see you pandora in a medical role complete with gloves and a cane <3. keep up the good work thanks.

  8. According to what I learned at Cambridge Year 12/13 Biology, ‘Clone’ is defined as ‘A group of cells that are genetically identical’.
    So in this science fiction there are TWO princes who are genetically identical…?

    Great! It is because I enjoy sci-fi stories.
    But please note that I firmly believe that humans can NEVER be cloned.
    In reality.

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