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Preview image for Cami Knickers. Pandora Blake and David Weston wear nothing but silky cami knickers

Pandora Blake and David Weston put on gorgeous satin French knickers and bend over to show just how pretty the fabric looks clinging to their beautiful bottoms.

Pandora bends over a chair and runs her hands over her curves, enjoying the sensuous feel of the satin against her skin. David Weston joins in, putting on some white satin knickers to complement Pandora's red ones, and the two of them hug and play with each other while showing off the sexy view to the camera.

Pandora Blake loves to bend over and show off her figure in a pair of full French knickers. The soft satin clings sensually to her curves. She even persuades her friend David Weston to wear silk knickers too.

Photography: Nimue Allen


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Cami Knickers - Behind the Scenes


3 Responses

  1. I love you in those cami (French) knickers, but then I have a “thing” for French knickers.
    Regret it’s difficult to get my GF to wear these, I think they look good on her.
    Can’t really go for David wearing them, that’s just me though.

  2. Just love French knickers wish more girls would wear them very feminine lovely

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