Behind the Bike Sheds

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Preview Image for Behind The Bike Sheds. Schoolgirl Talia Lane is over HeadMistress Blake's knee for a spanking on her bare bottom as schoolboy David Weston watches

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In Talia Lane's first ever spanking scene, she tempts David Weston into some serious trouble. Caught snogging behind the bike sheds by their teacher, Pandora Blake, these two naughty students giggle as they're sternly told off. Undeterred by their inability to take things seriously, Ms Blake marches them inside for punishment.

Not only have they failed to abide by the school's 'six inch' rule, they've also been late for class on numerous occasions. Yet judging by their jokes, David and Talia seem unaware of the serious consequences of their actions.

Disobedience is something Ms Pandora Blake will not tolerate, and she intends to use corporal punishment to show the naughty pair just how to behave. With Talia watching, Ms Blake instructs David to pull down his trousers and pants, humiliating him in front of his young girlfriend, before giving him a long, hard hand spanking over her knee.

When it's Talia's turn, her playful disobedience turns to fear as she realises that Ms Blake is very serious indeed. Bending over Ms Blake's knee and baring her bottom for a school spanking is not something Talia had anticipated. As she squeals and whimpers, her young boyfriend David offers support, and begs Ms Blake not to use the hairbrush – he can't cope with his girlfriend being punished and humiliated in the same way as he was.

But after the spanking, as they stand with their naked, red bottoms bared, facing the wall to think about what they've done, the naughty pair exchange a grin and a look of love. This real-life couple have a chemistry that crackles throughout the whole scene – shared jokes and smiles and touches. Given that they can't keep their hands or eyes off each other, Ms Blake can probably expect to see them back in her office pretty soon…  

Photography: Nimue Allen

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Behind the Bike Sheds - Behind the Scenes

14 minutes of behind the scenes footage from Talia Lane’s first ever spanking video, performing with her real life partner David Weston. Lots of smiles and giggles between shots – including a few cheeky out-of-character kisses! Pandora takes the time to brief and reassure them both fully beforehand, and there’s plenty of negotiation and checking-in during filming, too. Watch to the end to see Talia’s real-time, genuine reactions to her first ever on-screen spanking – and find out just how much she enjoyed it!



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Talia Lane and David Weston

Real life porn performer couple Talia Lane and David Weston talk to Pandora Blake about their relationship, spanking, switching, and how David’s first experience shooting for Dreams of Spanking prompted his girlfriend Talia to give it a try. Find out how Talia feels after her first spankings on camera, which scenes they’ve got coming up next, and what exactly prompted David to sing ‘Walking on Sunshine’ on a crowded commuter train…

13 Responses

  1. I must admit I find that it’s more difficult to immerse myself into the video when the first thing encountered consists of out-takes/interviews. I understand why you’re editing the video this way but my personal preference would be for the out-takes/interviews to appear at the end. Provided the out-takes/ performer consent spanned the start, middle and end of the scene I think this would achieve the same ends outlined in your blog.

    An alternative might be to make it easier to skip the starting out-takes/interviews by giving the time index where the scene begins.

    I hope you find the comments constructive.

  2. The defiant role-play from David and Talia really brought the word incorrigible to my mind. It’s lovely that they are a real life couple too. An on-line definition says ‘Incorrigible = bad beyond correction or reform’. Well almost! I think you just about get on top of their behaviour by the end, Pandora, but the giggling and ‘love you’ interplay took some wearing down. This is really great classic OTK spanking. Works for me every time. (Especially, I have to say, that business like outfit – it always says ‘authority’ so well visually.

  3. I am so happy you can see the fun and enjoyment we had making this amazing scene. I hope everyone who watches it enjoys it, and can see the fun we had. Look at my spanked (once upon a time, spank virgin bottom) this scene was actually my first proper spanking, and I enjoyed every second of it. Working with David was amazing, he is fantastic at acting (I’m so proud of him)

  4. Pandora you both naughty schoolies big sound spanks as strict Headmistress ,Davids shorts are similar to ones I wore at Prep School ,they were strict there too ,Talia is a nice new addition to your grand site ,they had blushing bots at the end of their whackings ,best Festive spanks from ,Timx

  5. Pandora for somereason the behind the scenes vid is not coming out when I try to play it ,best spanks,Tim.

  6. Hi SamY,

    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately we don’t really have a choice about this new format – it’s the legal recommendation of our lawyers regarding how we publicise our work. This is due to recent changes the laws surrounding porn distribution in the UK. We have been strongly advised to show explicit performer consent before the scene as well as after it.

    The opening section will usually be between 30-60 seconds long, never more than a minute. I wish there was a way to include DVD-style chapters in mp4 video!

  7. I don’t think David and Talia are particularly reformed to be honest – I’m sure that as soon as Ms Blake is out of earshot they’ll be right back to their old ways! And that’s how it should be to be honest. Their characters are definitely the ones I identify with in this scenario 😉

  8. Thanks so much for letting us film your first ever proper spanking, it was an honour to shoot with you! I love your and David’s acting and the chemistry between you is so fun to watch 🙂

  9. Thanks Tim. Talia is a fantastic performer – I was so glad that she decided to give it a go!

  10. Big, strong women should always take their naughty little boys across their knees for bare bottomed hand spankings no matter what his age.

  11. Gosh Pandora, you spank incredibly hard! I really loved watching this, but . . . . Ouch!

  12. I *can* spank hard, but I don’t have to. It’s all about negotiating with my scene partner(s) and finding something that’s hot for us.

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