Bubble Butts

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Preview Image for Bubble Butts. Talia Lane and David Weston are in a bath with lots of bubbles. David is spanking Talia's already red bottom and smiling

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It starts with a mountain of bubbles, and ends with real-life couple Talia Lane and David Weston sharing deep, intimate kisses – this playful Valentine's Day special is as romantic as it is hot.

David starts by spanking Talia – piling mounds of foamy bubbles onto her gorgeous wet bottom, then spanking her until the bubbles fly off. There are giggles and laughs as they make the most of the luxurious bath, taking it in turns to make a mess with the bubbles and run soapy hands over each other's reddening bums.

As Talia switches and spanks David, they slip and slide around each other in the tub, sharing smacks and kisses and flirty games as they take it in turns to dish out a bare bottom spanking.

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Bubble Butts - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the shooting of Bubble Butts, with even more giggling and sploshing than in the final film, as well as some fun rearranging wet knickers to get the best shot for the camera. Real couple David Weston and Talia Lane had a lot of fun shooting this, as evidenced by the rather gorgeous erection David was sporting by the time we called cut!



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Talia Lane and David Weston

Real life porn performer couple Talia Lane and David Weston talk to Pandora Blake about their relationship, spanking, switching, and how David’s first experience shooting for Dreams of Spanking prompted his girlfriend Talia to give it a try. Find out how Talia feels after her first spankings on camera, which scenes they’ve got coming up next, and what exactly prompted David to sing ‘Walking on Sunshine’ on a crowded commuter train…

12 Responses

  1. Super romantic – Talia and David are so sweet in this film! Lovely giggly ending 🙂

  2. This is a lovely endearing film from a great fun couple David and Talia. Thank you.

    The film set me off on a train of thought. You often hear that wet spanking makes smacks sting more. I think one factor involved must be that water, especially warm water, will soften skin somewhat. However, there is an interesting little article at a location called Lash Le Roux’s Spanking Primer BlogSpot from some years back that relates to what’s behind the phenomenon. The author’s theory is that the water helps form more of a seal and therefore increases the amount of contact at a micro level. It also has a certain ‘stickiness’ that means when the hand lifts from a smack it pulls the skin a little more than usual and increases the ‘snapback’ effect. The article also puts forward a similar theory for highly varnished implements versus non-varnished. Sounds pretty plausible and an interesting sciencey way to explain the heightened kinky pleasures to be had from a fun bath together!

  3. Glad you like it! David and Talia are beyond adorable. Which ending do you mean – the film ending or the behind the scenes ending? I think the latter is my favourite 😉

  4. Glad you like our switchy Valentine’s Day special 🙂

    I like your wet spanking theories. Personally I find that water can make spanking sting less if the water creates a film that splashes on impact, which uses up some of the energy, and the surface tension of the water protects the skin less to some extent. But a wet implement definitely hurts more than a dry one – because it’s heavier, I guess – and if skin is cold and wet, then the cold reduces your pain tolerance.

    The other factor I can think of is goose pimples. If water evaporates on skin and creates goosebumps, then that makes the bottom more sensitive to spankings and more likely to mark.

    Lots of contradictory theories here – I think this is definitely a research paper in the making! Why isn’t there a Journal of Spanking Studies? 🙂

  5. Both were great, but the comedic timing of the behind the scenes ending was perfect! They clearly had a lot of fun shooting it.

  6. Very nice. I can only add that, for me personally, a combination of well delivered CP and a warm shower is very, very hot indeed! That’s why I also loved Filthy Girl with Ten Amorette. More water based CP videos please Pandora 🙂

  7. Pandora a nice video with a cute girl and her boyfriend playing spanks together in the bubble bath ,best spanks , Tim .

  8. Yes I enjoyed the one with Ten and yourself washing and big spanks , hot ,best spanks Tim .

  9. Pandora nice interview with young Talia and David they are keen spankos ,best spanks Tim.

  10. I love these theories and observations. And a Journal of Spanking Studies – what a great thought!

  11. When I get married to a woman, that would be a good thing to try out.
    New method discovered (hand spanking in the bathtub)
    In private, and ONLY if she agrees to.
    (This means I seriously value Safe, Sane and Consensual spanking)

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