I Want Bruises

Film (8:21) with 60 screengrabs
David Weston lies naked on the bed as Pandora Blake gives him a caning

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David has been curious about the cane for a long time – but a little frightened of it, too; after all, it’s an implement with a reputation for being extremely difficult to take. In this luxurious scene he and Pandora get a chance to try it out – but not before an extremely thorough warmup featuring some hand-spanking, a leather belt and a heavy flogger. By the end he’s glowing bright red and feeling amazing – and he’s got some wonderful welts and bruises to enjoy, too.

This is a slow-paced, deeply sensuous film, featuring a variety of implements and a lot of great communication. You might also learn a thing or two about technique – there are some lovely examples of Pandora’s best nurturing-but-sadistic topping style!

Join Pandora Blake and David Weston for a slow, sensual spanking with hand, belt, flogger and cane that will leave his backside gorgeously marked for days to come.

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I Want Bruises - Behind the Scenes

This week’s extra-special bonus content is practically a second full release, featuring a gorgeous bonus caning and a veritable rollercoaster of emotions for spankee David Weston. We also get to learn a bit more about what our performers and crew wanted to get out of this shoot: come for the cane, stay for the communication.



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David Weston

David tells Pandora about his off-camera spanking experience and how he got his first spanking from a stranger at a fetish club. “I wanted more… as soon as I had it that was it, it was like someone flicked a switch in my brain, and I went from not really understanding it to ‘Oh my God – give me all the spanking!'”

13 Responses

  1. So happy to see this released at last – had an amazing time making this scene, definitely one of my favourite scenes that I’ve been part of

  2. Oh – my – gosh! Absolutely A -M – A – Z – I – N – G !!!! Watching this was so very reassuring. David’s enjoyment was obvious throughout the whole film. And Pandora, it’s very obvious that you love what you do, and are so skilled at it. And by the way, I love what you are wearing. Will you wear something similar when we meet?

  3. Absolutey lovely! Matey-ness not hatey-ness. Funishment not punishment. Love the laughter xx

  4. A glowing review! Thank you very much. I think David’s comment speaks for itself on his enjoyment. I loved creating this scene and experience for David.
    This was a few years ago so I don’t have these clothes anymore. I would recommend using email for session requests, as if they’re not there I’m less likely to remember them!

  5. That’s a great way to put it. David’s laughter is infectious! It was a very playful, sensual experience xx

  6. Well done David sweetheart! Very well taken! Incredibly hot scene which I had the incredible honour of being able to watch live.

  7. Well done David sweetheart! Very well taken! Incredibly hot scene which I had the incredible honour of being able to watch live.

  8. Love this so much! Twelve strokes of the cane was lovely, but next time want more . . 24, or 36 .
    . or even more

  9. Love this so much! Twelve strokes of the cane was lovely, but next time want more . . 24, or 36 .
    . or even more

  10. When I watched this before, I must admit I was surprised by the laughing ( thinking I’m sure I would never laugh whilst being punished). However, last night I went to my first ever play munch, and had the lovely experience of being flogged, and found myself giggling! It was absolutely wonderful! It made me think of this film, so I’ve just been watching it again.
    I want to thank you Pandora, because the experience I had with you has given me the confidence and courage to join FetLife and meet others locally to socialize and play. Thankyou!

  11. It is so wonderful to hear that you’ve connected with people in your local area to connect with and engage in play!

  12. Thankyou Pandora! There is a Munch that meets monthly at the Pub literally at the end of our road! Less than 10 minutes walk away, can you believe it?? And everyone seems really friendly. Play events are further away, but I’m finding that people are really friendly and willing to offer lifts. It’s such a relief to be able to connect with others of like mind. I feel like I’ve come home!

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