Sent to the Headmistress

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Preview image for Sent to the Headmistress. David Weston bends over the desk, white underpants on display as Headmistress Pandora Blake slippers his bottom

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Pandora Blake plays the strict headmistress in this modern day corporal punishment scene. David Weston is the naughty schoolboy waiting outside her office to find out what his fate will be. He enters, and is immediately scolded for his scruffy school uniform, poor posture and insolent attitude

David is the perfect brat, cheekily protesting his innocence and refusing to take responsibility for his behaviour. His stern headmistress must resort to tougher measures – an old-fashioned spanking with the slipper.

Sulkily, the David bends over her desk, gripping the far side of it tightly and displaying his gorgeous bottom in white school underwear. When it's clear the message needs to really hit home, Pandora tells the errant schoolboy to lower his boxers and submit to a much harder whacking with the slipper on his bare bottom. David has never been slippered before – will the experience change his ways?

Photography: Nimue Allen

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Sent to the Headmistress - Behind the Scenes

Lots of giggling behind the scenes at David’s bratty comebacks! This wasn’t the simplest scene to shoot – there were plenty of cuts and cutaways as Nimue tried to shoot both sides of the conversation at once in an inconveniently small space. But despite it only being David’s second ever spanking film, he rose to the occasion and had everyone in stitches to boot. This was David’s first taste of the slipper – so you get to see his genuine, fear beforehand, and is real, unacted reactions as he realises how painful it is on the bare, and the live negotiation that follows as Pandora tries to find the right level of severity without pushing his limits.



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David Weston

David tells Pandora about his off-camera spanking experience and how he got his first spanking from a stranger at a fetish club. “I wanted more… as soon as I had it that was it, it was like someone flicked a switch in my brain, and I went from not really understanding it to ‘Oh my God – give me all the spanking!'”

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  1. David does indeed look gorgeous in those white pants. It takes me back to my school days when such sights were common; not the bare bottom ( David’s is gorgeous again) but the white shorts. Boys would often be directed to change into their gym shorts when a good slippering was decided on. The shorts were usually black or blue. The teacher would have the pupil bend over and would then chalk a big white cross on their seat. The slipper would then be whacked across the target area until all trace of chalk was gone; that often meant a good deal more than six of the best! Oh! If only Pandora had been a strict teacher at my school– I would have naughty every day x

  2. Very realistic atmosphere. The slippery delivered by Pandora is excellent and exquisite. Congratulations for an excellent film.

  3. Perfect for him to feel the fear of a real spanking, and then have the sliiper on his bare bottom. I wish for the same spanking experience myself

  4. On spanking blogs and review sites there have been the occasional write-ups of interviews with performers, which give an insight into what they are into. These are often interesting but it’s great that DoS includes actual film of these sorts of interviews alongside the performance films.

    I like the way David tells us about himself here, especially the way he clandestinely searched the early internet for porn in a library with the obvious tension involved around getting caught. Perhaps a number of us have been there, when we first began to realise we had a very particular interest. David’s words reminded me of feelings I had when I found a discarded copy of an old paperback entitled The Art of Spanking, concealing it and then taking it somewhere quiet to read. Quite an eye opener.

    Good main film as well. David displays a great truculent attitude in role, and I like how you match this, Pandora, with some excellent no-nonsense dialogue to explain to him how things are going to be and how his poor behaviour is to be addressed.

  5. Pandora you gave good slippering to David ,theteachers in my school administered spankings with the slipper I did not receive it but saw other schoolies have it ,best spanks,Timx

  6. Oh wow, was it done in the classroom then, in front of everyone? Were you excited at the time, or was it only later that slippering started to seem thrilling to you? I was lucky enough to be too young for CP in schools so I’m always fascinated to hear people’s stories!

  7. Oooh, I love the idea of the white cross! We tried something similar once in red chalk on white shorts. I think it really depends on the fabric though – we couldn’t get the chalk to stick! I can’t remember if we tried it with pure cotton or not, but I keep hearing about it being done in the old days so I think it definitely merits another attempt.

  8. Thank you! I enjoyed this comment, but I’m afraid I particularly enjoyed it because of the word “slippery”. I think you meant “slippering”. “Slippery” means that it was wet and you would slide around on it! 😉

  9. Thanks Yianni. I’m a little behind on my behind-the-scenes editing at the moment – there are never enough hours in the day! But I wanted to get David’s interview online to introduce this lovely new performer. He really is a genuine spanking enthusiast and I could really relate to what he was saying. I think many of us had some well-thumbed volumes tucked away discreetly in our bedrooms. My spanking bible as a child was Roald Dahl’s “Boy”, which I found so potent I barely dared revisit it (most of it had burned into my memory on the first reading, anyway), but I did also have some little page folds on the corners of Enid Blyton books that mentioned hairbrushing…

  10. That what was so deliciously unfair about the chalk cross. Mr Plant entered the room and caught me laughing mischievously at my friend Donald. That’s all! It was obviously my turn to be whacked. The teacher snapped: ‘Out!”. And I obediently walked to the front of the room. He placed one of his palms on my stomach and the other on my back. He then bent me forward to the required position. I heard him remove the chalk from the channel underneath the blackboard. He took a couple of paces; and then there was a jangling of keys as he unlocked the cupboard. I had now way of seeing whether he had taken put his long cane or the size 11 plimsoll. I felt the chalk tracing a big cross over the seat of my trousers. “Whack!” The sole of the slipper scorched the target area. On the other side of my trousers, my cock rose as proud as a submarine commander. ( That image was in my head.) *Whack” another joyous scorching on my seat; and the taste of toffee was in my mouth. I wanted more; but all the chalk had gone and that was the end. Mr Plant told me to go back to my desk. I wanted to rub my bottom as I went, but was too inhibited to do so. A delicious stinging thrill as I sat down on the hard wooden bench. Beautiful but all too brief. Some weeks later: my classmate Danny was spanked across Mr Plant’s knee, for a very serious offence. Danny begged and struggled, and finally sobbed, as the slipper scorched his trousers seat an unmerciful 13 times. After the spanking over the chalk cross was still visible. I went home with Danny. His mother was peeling potatoes. He told his mother what had happened at school. His bottom was still bright red when she looked at it. But she laughed, tousled his hair, and simply said: “Oo! That must have stung!”

  11. Yes Miss I send email and hope to get enough money soon to come and see you for real life spanking

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