David’s Strict Governess

Film (9:55) with 32 photographs
Preview image for David's Strict Governess. Pandora Blake, dressed in a Victorian corset, has David Weston over her knee for a bare bottom hand spanking

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A fantastic introduction to new male spanking performer David Weston. In this Victorian spanking scene he is at the mercy of strict governess Pandora Blake. She scolds him for his careless behaviour in lessons before ordering him to take down his trousers and underwear for an over the knee hand spanking.

A firm spanking on his bare bottom will ensure he tries harder next time, but David's stern governess wants to make sure the lesson really hits home. She spanks him until his bottom is bright red, and his legs are trembling and his bottom tensing from the pain. When she finally decides he's been punished enough, she humiliates the young man by ordering him stand facing the wall, bare bottom on display, to think about the consequences of his behaviour.

Photography: Nimue Allen

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David’s Strict Governess - Behind the Scenes

An in-depth look at the process of shooting David’s first spanking video. David muses on how surreal it is to finally be on a spanking set after watching so many films online. He and Pandora negotiate the scenario – and Pandora takes rather a lot of enjoyment in having him over her knee! David: “I think I can honestly say this is the first time it’s taken two people to adjust my underwear.” Plus some bustle-wiggling as Pandora plays with her petticoats… Pandora briefs David and tells him he can cut any time. During the scene she stops regularly to check in on him, and David reveals that the hardest thing is trying not to smile!



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David Weston

David tells Pandora about his off-camera spanking experience and how he got his first spanking from a stranger at a fetish club. “I wanted more… as soon as I had it that was it, it was like someone flicked a switch in my brain, and I went from not really understanding it to ‘Oh my God – give me all the spanking!'”

10 Responses

  1. I’m not usually a huge fan of male bottoms although I do love the female top to male bottom situation. But I have to say David’s really is pretty dinky. You must have loved spanking those cheeks, Pandora. Superb serious mode acting, this is you in sternest tutor/manager mode I guess. Reminds me of the stern role you took with Amelia and Caroline as the Edwardian governess a while back. Always works for me. David looked as if the punishing smacks were starting to become quite intense towards the end but I’m sure he enjoyed it overall. Great work.

  2. We had a great time shooting this, it was definitely a fun first scene, I was grinning from ear to ear after the camera stopped, I’m glad you liked it too! 🙂

  3. Oh David, you fortunate lad! To be so lucky to have the lovely Pandora put you across her knee and soundly spank your bare bottom. What more could a naughty boy need or want?

  4. As a Daddy who enjoys Daddy/Son scenes David was a Welcomed surprise, like his boyish gentleness, curly hair and boy-like demeanor.

    Then we come to his Oh So Nice Bottom!

    Would like to see David in a M/m scene.

  5. To be honest, I’d never really given it a lot of thought. My personal preference off-camera is F/m, but I’d probably go for it if the right scene idea came up and I thought it would come out really well.

  6. Understood, but makes the Daddy/Son role play fans a bit sad, :o(, but we can Dream! Thank you for replying!

  7. Pandora,
    I agree, just wish I could be in the scene as an Gentle, Firm Daddy who must teach his erring Son, [David Weston], a Lesson!

    Would Be Wonderful! ;o), David is just such a natural with his boyishness!

    Dreaming of Spanking…David,
    Daddy Jay

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