Aftercare Spanking

Film (9:31) with 60 screengrabs
Preview image of Aftercare Spanking. David Weston lays over Nimue Allen's lap as she rubs lotion into his bare, caned bottom

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David Weston and Nimue Allen star in this playful spanking video. After taking his first ever caning, David comes home to his girlfriend Nimue. She is eager to inspect his marks. He pulls down his trousers and pants and lies over her knee, ready for her to rub soothing lotion onto the throbbing cane welts.

The pair discuss David's feelings after his first caning, and as Nimue rubs the lotion on his bottom they both decide that a flirty spanking might be a nice conclusion to his day. Nimue delivers a feel-good hand spanking that gets gradually harder, as David wriggles and squirms on her lap.

It seems there's some emotions pent-up after his caning experience, and David has an unusual way of releasing them – he gets the giggles. However hard Nimue spanks him over her knee, she can't seem to make them go away! But as he raises his bottom to meet Nimue's firm hand, and grins with pleasure, we can see the warmth between the pair as well as the spreading warmth on David's bottom.

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David Weston

David tells Pandora about his off-camera spanking experience and how he got his first spanking from a stranger at a fetish club. “I wanted more… as soon as I had it that was it, it was like someone flicked a switch in my brain, and I went from not really understanding it to ‘Oh my God – give me all the spanking!'”

2 Responses

  1. Tenderness is a word that came to the forefront of my mind. Both the tenderness of Nimue’s gentle application of cream (VERY sexy), but then the reignited tenderness in David’s bum cheeks as a result of Nimue’s not quite so gentle follow-up. But heavens, David’s insatiable! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film where the spankee is giggling quite as much as David during the ‘punishment’.

  2. I think he had a lot of tension and emotion built up which needed release. The Clone’s Training wasn’t an easy scene, particularly not on your first ever spanking shoot. Giggling is close to crying as a reaction to spanking, I think – it’s all about release.

    I’m glad you liked the application of cream. It’s something I see done a lot with female spankees but male subs deserve pampering too 🙂 And the contrast of white creamy lotion with brown/red bottom cheeks was just heavenly!

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