The Introduction

Film (08:25 mins) with 21 screengrabs
Amelia bends over and waits for Pandora to use the leather strap on her exposed bottom.

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The Havering Collection is a long-running spanking soap opera set in and around a beautifully vintage mid-century boarding school, focused mostly on the titillating journey of Miss Havering herself – played by our very own Pandora Blake. It’s filmed and produced by another studio, but we’ve long suspected that the Dreams of Spanking audience would enjoy it and we’re delighted to have acquired permission to republish some of it here. Blake also assisted with the initial casting, so long-standing Dreams fans might recognise a few other familiar faces!

In this first episode Headmistress Havering maintains a small group of schoolmistresses who are entitled to administer corporal punishment to the students, and she’s keen to induct new teacher Miss Flynn. She has one rule, however: before you can dish it out, you must learn how to take it. After hours in an empty classroom, Miss Flynn is thoroughly taken in hand and shown just what her new role consists of by a boss who is clearly enjoying this far too much!

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8 Responses

  1. Beautiful photos of the lovely ‘Miss Flynn’ with her knickers pulled down, alluring pink buttocks on display ♥♥♥

  2. “Teaching Experience” part 2.
    Love the video it does build on to the video she did with Caroline Gray.

  3. hmm i rather like the look of this new one-will look forward to getting on C4S maybe

  4. Not in a rush.
    Are there plans as usual to put it up there eventually once The Club Members have seen it?
    Think we skirted on this before re Craving A Caning which worked out OK.

    1. It won’t be released on the Dreams of Spanking Clips4Sale due to the terms of our licensing agreement with The Havering Collection 🙂

  5. A joke has occurred to me:
    A Lady at A Cocktail Party was in conversation with an elderly gentleman who having
    learned that she was ‘in retail’ enquired what sort of goods she sold.
    She replied:
    “I mainly flog bare bottoms.I have flogged quite a few over the years.The sales market
    is very strong and theres no sign of the flogging flagging despite the demise of fagging”.

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