The Intimacy of Spanking

Film (20:30) with 39 screengrabs
Carl lies across Blake's knee, his bottom bare and exposed as Blake strike his bottom with a leather strap

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It’s the first time Carl Summer has been spanked on camera, and Blake wants to help him have a truly special experience. Once they’ve negotiated their scene, Carl lies across Blake’s lap for a delicious warmup over his best lace-edged underwear. When he’s ready they move on to the bare, and – finally – pull out a leather strap before finishing their scene with a beautiful moment of erotic connection.

This is a tender, intimate film, one that really lets us take a look at the beauty of good negotiation and the ways connecting with a spanking partner can be an erotic experience in and of itself.


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The Intimacy of Spanking - Behind the Scenes

Negotiation happens both on and off camera, and Carl was an excellent communicator. This scene is a great example of how to make sure spanking works for both parties – understanding your own preferences is key!


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  1. Hello Pandora,
    Am somewhat confused after taking out a 25 pound a month membership tier on your Patreon.
    Expecting there to be able to view “I dream of spanking… do you?

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    Would I be right in thinking that this is true to an extent but not actually on Patreon?On DOS instead?

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    1. Charles,

      As explained via email and in reply to your other comments on the site, the Patreon membership at that tier does give you access to the members’ content of As it explains, we send you the username and password after purchase. This is a manual process and requires a team member to be online to set it up. The membership was purchased at 9pm when the team was offline, and as soon as a team member has come online this morning they have reached out to you. You will shortly receive confirmation of your DoS membership, which will be valid for the lifetime of your Patreon membership.

  2. A deliciously intimate scene of sensuous spanking, so erotic. How I envy Carl! It looks as if you enjoyed it too. All four cheeks blushing brightly!

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