Filthy Girl

Film (15:54) with 90 screengrabs
Preview image for Filthy. Ten Amorette bends over, naked in the shower, as Pandora Blake straps her bare bottom

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On a dirty lesbian weekend, Pandora gives her lover a rude awakening, dragging her out of bed and shoving her under the shower. She's decided Ten is a filthy slut who needs cleaning up! She soaps Ten's perfectly curved body and spanks her round bottom until it's red and glowing.

The water turns Ten's satin nightie and white cotton knickers clinging and see through, and Ten quickly learns that being strapped with heavy wet leather stings so much more. But those aren't the only things getting wet in this steamy girl-girl spanking scene. 

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Filthy Girl - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes in Pandora’s bathroom during Ten’s wet strapping. Footage showing Pandora and Ten splashing each other between shots, the difficulty of aiming a wet strap, Pandora sliding around on the wet floor, and the ladies negotiating how sexy to get at the end.


26 Responses

  1. Wonderful. Where did she get that mark on her leg, somebody can’t shoot straight? I’d trade the tit slapping for a butt plug. (hint hint hint)

    This kind of thing is what makes this site different.

  2. Me. Turns out a long, floppy leather strap becomes really hard to aim while wet, especially with water hitting it and making it twist in the air! In the video you can actually tell where that happens – I stop at that point and switch to the thicker strap. Poor thigh! She was sweet about it. We talk about it in the behind the scenes video.

  3. I’m just back online after being sans broadband for over a week, due to the somewhat old and ropey BT infrastructure in our area.
    What’s the first thing I see when I log on to your site? The shower scene I’ve been looking forward to!

    Yes, that scene is hot all right, and certainly worth the wait!

  4. Yes, I knew how it happened. I was just sort of teasing.
    You know you could avoid all that buy using a wooden paddle, a thin one, not something resembling a club. I like paddles if I’m not the one getting it.

  5. Wheee! Really glad you like it. I couldn’t agree more. Who knew shower spankings could be this exciting? Something about the way the water droplets spray out at each impact makes it much more intense. And her round red bottom glistening through the water and soap bubbles… oh my.

  6. After watching this a number of times I’ve come to the conclusion that the ‘filthy girl’ of the title is none other than our very own little Pandora.

  7. You might very well think that… I couldn’t possibly comment!

    Are you sure you don’t need to watch it again, just to make sure? 🙂

  8. OK, I’ve watched it again, purely to be fair to you of course, and I have to say you ARE the filthy girl.

    Keep it up 😉

  9. Wow Wow Wow, that was the hottest scene I have seen in ages, I wish the camera rolled on as I can only imagine what you two got up to afterwards !!!!!

  10. Ah! Lovely Ten! I have been an admirer since she first appeared on Amazing body. I love those nipples on her sexy small breasts. And she can take a spanking and do demanding bondage. Ooooh! More of her please!

  11. Ten and I have a great chemistry. Need to spend more time together when we aren’t shooting!

  12. Mm, a delicious scene – thank you, Pandora! I hope you gave Ten’s pussy and bottom a really good wash… 🙂

    Ss x

  13. Great spanking, never seen it done under the shower before.
    I do hope you let Ten return the favour, you must let her try topping for once.

  14. This is one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever seen, imho, across all the genres of porn.

  15. How about an Ice bucket challenge? Inspired by that memorable Blushes feature of two minxes getting caned on tight wet white shorts & re-imagined a couple of years ago by Nikki Flynn.

    Maybe combined with a caning competition? Participants in tight white shorts/knickers get doused in ice cold water for 6 of the best, followed by another dousing and six more, the temporary relief of the icy water only presaging more pain?

    Possibly have the participants cane each other to produce a delicious “Prisoners dilemma”? To win you have to cane the other person hard enough to make them want to give in, BUT you know that they’ll have the chance to cane you back…

  16. Pandora a very hot video with 2 hot girls with the shower glistening over youg Ten as you whack her botty ,best spanks, Tim x young.

  17. Wow wet strap ah!!!! I can’t say that I have ever experienced a wet strap. I would like to some time. I am sure that you are absolutely right that it would sting much more. Ha ha!

  18. A very pleasing and sensuous scene that demonstrates so well the effects of water on a spanked bottom. The strap added real intensity, and both girls seemed to be equally aroused by the experience. Pity we couldn’t see them move to the next stage…

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