Ten Amorette

Based in Chicago, US

I’ve been a spanking enthusiast (a nice way to say that I’ve been obsessed with spanking) since I can remember. I looked up the word “spanking” in the dictionary thousands of times. I’ve re-read the same passages in books that had corporal punishment, watched the same movie over and over because of a spanking scene and recreated movies in my imagination to include a spanking scene. I drew the leading men in Disney movies holding belts or straps and even wrote spanking stories. One of my most embarrassing moments was the day when my mother found what she called smut.

I started out as a bottom who only wanted traditional DD with a male authority figure. Most of my fantasies still involve that to some degree, but I’ve developed some new inclinations as I explored this side of myself. I like Domination and submission, rope bondage, take down play and even [redacted] (Pandora’s note: CCBill requires that we remove all references to the sort of edgy fantasy that Ten and I enjoy). I figure all of those things have to do with control and my giving mine up– consensually or otherwise.

I started doing professional shoots almost right after I graduated college and love what I do! 3, almost 4 years later, I’m still at it!

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