Schoolgirl Takedown

Film (13:19) with 72 screengrabs
Preview image for Schoolgirl Takedown. Ten Amorette is pinned on the floor, hands bound behind her back as Pandora Blake pulls her knickers down. Both are dressed in school uniform

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This scene begins with Ten Amorette sitting calmly on the couch, and swiftly descends into a wriggling, wrestling tangle of schoolgirl limbs as bully Pandora Blake punishes the younger student for not handing her lunch money over. The girls, dressed in matching school uniforms complete with pigtails, black patent heels and white knee socks, fight tooth and nail. With ruthless efficiency, Pandora drags Ten to the ground and sits on her while she delivers some sharp smacks to her bottom – and a harsh slap to her face.

Stripping Ten of her tight school skirt, using her tie to restrain her, and shoving her gym knickers in her mouth, Pandora’s soon got the younger girl right where she wants her: bound and gagged hand and foot, and thoroughly at her mercy.

Ten struggles against her bonds, and squeals at each sharp smack on the bare bottom, while Pandora gloats at the power she holds, and revels in Ten’s humiliation. Stinging slaps soon turn Ten’s bottom bright red, but the torment isn’t over yet: Pandora has stolen a harsh leather strap from one of the teacher’s offices and she intends to use it to its full extent. She doesn’t make Ten count the strokes – there are far too many of them. Ten just has to endure the hair-pulling, humiliation, and painful lashes with the strap – knowing full well that there’s no way she can escape.

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Schoolgirl Takedown - Behind the Scenes

Pandora Blake directs Ten Amorette behind the scenes during the shooting of “Schoolgirl Takedown”. Highlights include Pandora’s shoddy school-tie bondage, negotiating the pacing of the scene, chat about snozzberries, and some very convincing acting from Ten!


8 Responses

  1. Wow this seems quite aggressive, but very exciting too. Maybe Ten and a friend will get to pay you back with some humiliation of their own Pandora!!

  2. Pandora its nice to see young Ten in English sg uniform and she is receiving quite an education by yourself wonder if she will get her own back ? Best spanks to both of you from Tim x

  3. I’m afraid my spanking fetish often is a little aggressive – and Ten’s too! That’s why I think the behind the scenes videos are so important on this site, to provide some out-of-character context to the edgy roles we play. I have a great chemistry with Ten and she was amazing to work with in this scene. She has a knack for secretly co-operating while making it look like she’s resisting 😉

  4. The uniforms were loaned by Northern Spanking, aren’t they great? I’d love to shoot a revenge sequel next time I see her!

  5. I just downloaded this one after the new video(with Nimue bullying Tai) reminded me of it. It reminds me of erotic, wrestling videos, partly because of the heavy metal background music. Pandora is quite sexy as a calm, cool and calculating villain. Ten is beautiful as the poor, struggling victim, bound and stripped of her skirt and knickers. Her bare legs and buttocks look firm and attractive. 🙂

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