The Seating Plan

Film (running time 12:34) with gallery of 36 photographs

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Photography: Alex Reynolds

Ten Amorette takes a no­-nonsense attitude to her job as a big sister. Pandora Blake is about to marry Ten's brother, so she wants to make sure that Pandora is treating him with the respect and fidelity he deserves. When Pandora and Ten sit down to finalise the seating plan for the wedding, Ten confronts her. She has heard that Pandora she has been texting and flirting with other men, and Ten decides to give her a taste of what happens when big sister steps in.

She pulls a shocked Pandora over her knee for a hard hand spanking through her sheer tights. As Pandora squirms and protests, her eyes watering from the pain, Ten scolds her for not taking her commitment seriously. She knows that Pandora has cheated on previous boyfriends and is determined not to let her break her little brother's heart. Ten reaches in her handbag and pulls out a heavy wooden hairbrush, and starts applying vigorous smacks to Pandora's upturned bottom. Pandora tries to wriggle away, squealing and struggling, but Ten won't be deterred, and pulls Pandora's tights and knickers down for a hard, fast and thorough hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom. Pandora certainly won't be sitting comfortably any time soon, but will this firm punishment make her see the error of her ways?

Performers: Pandora Blake, Ten Amorette

Ten Amorette gives sister-­in-­law Pandora Blake a firm over the knee spanking through sheer tights. Will Pandora treat Ten's brother right? A hard hairbrush spanking on the bare bottom should make sure.

Preview Gallery

The Seating Plan - Behind the Scenes

Out-takes and behind the scenes footage from the shooting of “The Seating Plan”. Includes giggles and silliness, a vibrating phone interrupting proceedings, and camera woman Alex Reynolds absolutely nailing the continuity. Plus post-scene hugs!


28 Responses

  1. I have enjoyed several fims by Ten Amorette, but alwas playing a bottom role. In this one her performance as top is excellent. The hairbrush spanking delivered over Pandora´s bottom is memorable. I am afraid the facial expressions of Pandora during the punishment indicates that the hairbrush is not her favourite implement!!!

  2. Wow Pandora ! This scene is dead good. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any thing so much since the 1985 Big ‘n’ Bouncy Christmas Special !

    As you may realise, I have for a long time been an admirer of you and your work, but the rather beautiful Ten Amorette really is dead good to. I even looked up her name in my very large dictionary and it means “little love”, perhaps not apt for this scene but never mind. Talking of dictionaries, Miss Amorette does have an excellent command of the English Language, which is all the more impressive when you consider that she hails from one of our former colonies.

    I don’t know whether your scenes are scripted or improvised, but this one holds together particularly well. I am reminded of my O level English teacher and her assertion that Emily Bronte’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ is the best constructed novel in English Literature. Well I would say that this is certainly one of the best constructed scenes in spanking media.

    That said, as with all things in life, there is darkness. Here I have taken Philip Larkin’s poem ‘Nothing To Be Said’ and amended it slightly.

    Life is slow dying,
    And so are their separate ways
    Of building, benediction,
    Measuring love and money,
    Ways of slow dying.

    The day spent spanking a sister
    Of finalizing wedding plans,
    Hours giving evidence
    Or birth, advance
    On death equally slowly.

    Of course I have taken poetic license with the word “sister”. But this does go to show that it’s fine for intellectuals such as my self and Larkin to enjoy pornography, we can understand the context. It’s every one else who should be ashamed of them selves.

  3. I think that should be “dead good too” Adrian. Perhaps you missed that English lesson.

  4. This is an absolutely superb film IMO, and certainly one of the best films around involving tights and spanking, which are not that common. As you have spanked Ten in the past on DoS, this is a great turnaround straightaway, Pandora. Ten is authentically authoritative. The dialogue where your character’s flirting and texting is gradually exposed provides a good build up. Then there’s one totally gorgeous spanking with hand and hairbrush with tights and panties, just panties and then finally bare. Ten keeps ups up a good corrective tone throughout and builds the intensity and speed of delivery well at key points. And your reactions during the whole ordeal are perfect. I sensed a real discomfort being delivered behind going by the wriggling going on.

    Final point, I always think the sound of spanks on tights has a slightly different quality to just panties or bare cheeks. It’s a fine detail but something I find fascinating (assuming I’m not just imagining it – highly possible!) Thanks for a great performance from both of you.

  5. Perfect spankee, perfect spanker, perfect implement—perfectly applied. This all resonates deep with me. My hottest adolescent fantasies were launched from the Pats & Peeves letters column in the American “women’s magazine” : Your Romance. The descriptions of American households where the back of a hairbrush was judiciously applied, to errant female ” fannies”, would launch me into hot and sticky ecstasies. This video has recapitulated that perfectly for me. Thank you Pandora x Thank you Ten x

  6. Not a tights fan but….

    You and Ten played this absolutely convincingly. Nice domestic/family discipline. I’m certainly a fan of the hairbrush and of course of you and Ten.

    Well done

    M xx

  7. Wow, this has to by favourite scene of all time, you look amazing in hosiery and Ten seems to have a very hard hand, I hope to see more tights scenes in the future.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  8. I agree. What a scene! And the occasional set with tights in the future would be great -they’re so sensuous. Great that DoS is catering for such a range of tastes within the genre, anything but ‘same old, same old’.

  9. Thank you so much Sheldon! This was a very sexy hairbrush spanking for me. I love to hate it – especially over the lap of a beautiful woman 🙂

  10. Hahaha! Oh Adrian 🙂 Your poems always make me smile. Ten is a very skilled performer and her improvisation is always fantastic. None of our scenes are scripted – we start with a scenario and we run with it. I love shooting with her, she has a fantastic energy.

  11. Thanks! I hadn’t considered the sound factor before. I love the crack of an implement on bare skin – it sounds so pure and clean. But if you are into tights spanking I can definitely see that the sound would make a difference!

    I actually found the hairbrush more pleasurable over tights. For me the unbearable thing about the wooden brush is the sting of it. The thud is quite pleasant. Tights lessen the sting very slightly without losing the thud. I liked it.

    I will freely admit that I found the first few minutes of this spanking a struggle. Ten is a hard spanker – I was thinking I couldn’t possibly take it! But then of course I warmed up and before long I was really enjoying it. It’s always an interesting challenge of shooting spanking video – there’s often this idea that it’s meant to look like it’s getting harder and harder to take until it’s unbearable, but in reality the longer the spanking goes on, the more endorphins your body produces and the nicer it feels!

  12. Thank you so much! I think I might print this comment out and keep it. I’m glad to hear I got it so right for you. This scene definitely worked for me – I got a bit hot and sticky myself while I was editing it 😉

  13. She is a hard spanker!

    I would never have included a tights scene without feedback and requests from my members. I’m thrilled it seems to have been so popular. There will be more!

  14. Let me know if you have any specific ideas for characters and scenarios for tights spanking. You say “sensuous”… do you want to see some rubbing and caressing over tights as well as spanking?

  15. Thank you! I’m glad this video worked for you even if you don’t have a thing for spanking over tights. That was why I decided not to leave them on all the way through – I figured that way it would have broader appeal.

  16. For me personally, some caressing and rubbing is part of the appeal definitely. And actions like pulling panties into the bum divide with tights still in place.

    Thanks for asking about scenario ideas.

    One idea: The manager of a posh high fashion boutique has been receiving complaints from customers returning hosiery of a certain brand (some made up name like “sheer cheeks” perhaps). The tights in particular are laddering and falling apart at seams etc far too easily. The manager summons the manufacturer’s rep to the shop after hours for a meeting to discuss concerns, or else she will cancel future buying. The rep arrives but is most unapologetic, insisting that there is no quality issue and that their tights are very robust and hard wearing, especially around the top where they encase the bottom. The manager says she would like to test that in a very practical way and unless the rep is prepared to put herself to the test the manager will not purchase stock from them again, nor recommend them to partner shops. The test is of course a firm spanking tested on tights over panties and with the panties pulled down but tights back up to check their resilience without a panties cushion. If the tights remain intact afterwards, then perhaps the rep can justly suggest that the manager has been unfair in calling their good name into question and return the spanking or else she will be demanding far more restrictive credit terms for this shop. If they don’t remain quite intact, the rep can finally back down and apologise for their poor quality control, and promise that she will be raising the matter with Mr ‘whoever’ their head of quality control, perhaps using the same methods as the shop manager, whom she is impressed with despite the warmth she feels behind.

  17. I love that description form your perspective Pandora of how the spanking felt during the various stages. Absolutely right that the right warming up really opens up the possibilities as a spanking progresses. Personally, I think even the hairbrush feels bearable and enjoyable once enough endorphins have been produced. Certainly, I think starting hard straight away with such an implement is far less likely to produce the right experience for an erotic spanking.

  18. OMG, I love this! I very much doubt that tights would wear through – unless I got some REALLY sheer ones. The idea is super hot though. Hrm!

  19. This really does speak to my all time favourite – spanking over tights! Thank you so much – and dare I say looking forward to more tights in the future…

    You asked for ideas. Well, my best scenario has to be being spanked in tights BECAUSE of the tights – the wrong colour, seams not straight etc – then being made to change between each stage of the punishment until you get it right. It may not have great appeal to others, but it really is my thing! Thank you again.

  20. Pandora you have wonderful legs
    I want to see a lot of miniskirt videos with gray stocking

  21. Hi Pandora

    I have just relived Ten spanking you ,such a glorious sight as the hairbrush rebounds off your bottom encased in those tights.

    Spanking over tights is a passion of mine and would love to see more, especially if they were smoked through with water beforehand.

    Good to have you back.


  22. I’m with you Dbhs. I mean I love spanking full stop but tights encasing an otherwise bare bottom are the ultimate passion in my book for the beginning of a spanking. There is so much tactile sensuality involved. And then the pleasure of peeling them down to follow (or being in the same position oneself as a switching recipient I might add!). I like the soaking with water idea too. That could add a lovely extra slappy dimension.

  23. This is a wonderful example how tights could come into play with a good spanking session. Would love to see more of that…
    Spanked on tights (no knickers), then spanked on bare bottom – tights still on but torn….

    “sorry”, just got carried away, this vid is quite inspireing 😉

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