Blackmail Material

Film (13.04 mins) plus 36 photos
In this devious blackmail porn film, Ten Amorette entraps kinky politician Paul Kennedy. Ten goads him into giving her a hard belt spanking, and the red marks - and photo proof - she needs.

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In this devious blackmail porn film, Ten Amorette entraps kinky politician Paul Kennedy. Ten goads him into giving her a hard belt spanking, and the red marks – and photo proof – she needs

This spanking blackmail porn scene is inspired by the devious machinations in House of Cards, with femme fatale Ten Amorette playing the part of a money-hungry blackmailer. She’s been offered a large sum of cash if she can trap kinky politician Paul Kennedy into exposing his unusual sexual tastes – and she’s keen to complete the challenge.

Arriving at his house in a tight dress, high heels and with a sexy smile, it’s almost inevitable that the poor politician will take the bait. Their flirting quickly escalates until Paul has Ten over his knee, delivering a stinging hand spanking over her white lace panties. But red hand marks are not enough – Ten needs stronger evidence of Paul’s ‘sexual deviance’. Can she manipulate him into giving her some more dramatic marks, strong enough that they’ll show up in the photos she’ll sell to the press?

After goading him further, Ten gets her wish. Paul orders her to bend over the sofa with her dress pulled up to her waist, exposing her gorgeous bare bottom. Then he lets her feel the full force of his leather belt right across both cheeks. Ten squeals and protests, playfully inciting him to give her further harsh whacks with the belt. With her knickers round her thighs and her bottom growing redder and redder, will Ten get the marks she needs? After the beating, in the bathroom, she gets out her phone and inspects the fruits of her labour…  .

Photography: Pandora Blake

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14 Responses

  1. Loved this scene! The storyline drew me in and the action didn’t disappoint at all!

    Ten is so adorable when she squeals and thrashes 🙂

  2. Cute young Ten has big spanks from Paul for minxing him ,best spanks from , Tim x

  3. It is so good to finally see you back on line Pandora. What a crazy year but you are so vindicated. Loved this last scen before the enforced closure with great Paul Kennedy and gorgeous Ten. With very best wishes
    Yianni (aka Ian London)

  4. So glad to see you back and I look forward to seeing some of your new films and it will be great to see your bottom again which is one of the finest I’ve seen.

  5. Ten has so much sex appeal, and she played the part of a seductive femme, wriggling and squealing to ensnare Paul in her net, to perfection in this film. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. ‘Cheeky’ is a bit of an understatement for this plot. Machiavellian, more like!

  7. Thank you Yianni! It’s great to BE back. Now, what scene to edit and publish first… I have an enticing selection to choose from! I still can’t quite believe I’m back, and I’m just so happy that I can carry on what I do best 🙂

  8. Thank you – it’s good to be back! Is that a bid for a film with me on the receiving end as the first update of Dreams of Spanking’s new chapter then? Hrm, I’ll have a look…

  9. I think your first new scene should be you spanking a guy dressed up as and ATVOD bureaucrat! 😉

  10. Delighted that you have won your appeal, Pandora, and that Dreams of Spanking is back online. Will be subscribing so that I can view this full video (and others of course). Ten looks stunning!

  11. Pandora hope you will make plenty of girl , girl spankings and playing together now you are back ,best spanks , Tim .

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