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Ten Amorette bends over the end of the bed to receive the riding crop from Pandora Blake

Ten kneels on the bed wearing high heels and a dress that reveals more than it hides. Pandora caresses her body and teases her with her strap-on, smearing it across Ten's lips. When Ten refuses to suck it, Pandora slaps her face and shoves her over the end of the bed, then spanks her with her hand and lays on strokes with the whippy riding crop. Finally compliant, Ten accepts a kiss, and Pandora's cock. 

A very sexy lesbian dominance and submission photo gallery starring two ladies with sizzling on-screen chemistry.

Photography: Nimue Allen


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9 Responses

  1. Thank you girls, have just been viewing the still.
    They really are HOT!

    Could we have a part 2? With Pandora bending right over the bed.
    Would be a nice switch.

    Dave x

  2. Thankyou Dave! They were pretty hot to shoot as well 😉

    I’d definitely be up for a switch scene with Ten! She doesn’t usually top on film, but I think girls might be a possible exception. I shall certainly ask.

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