Our Au Pair

Film (21:42) with 47 photographs
Preview image for Our Au Pair. Ten Amorette is over Thomas Cameron's knee, her red spanked bottom on display as Pandora Blake looks on

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Working as an au pair without a visa, Ten is trapped with two psycho parents. They don't believe in spanking for their child, but in spanking and paddling her. Poor Ten is completely at their mercy.

Photography: Nimue Allen

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Our Au Pair - Behind the Scenes

Pandora gives Ten lots of bottom rubs between spankings, and Ten, Pandora and Tom consult between shots to decide on plot details and negotiate where the scene is going.

Performers and crew navigate the unforeseen hazards of shooting spanking video – such as loud drilling going on in roadworks outside the building!


10 Responses

  1. Oh don’t worry, there’s lots of that to come! Mrs Evil in this scene wouldn’t have been very comfortable with letting Ten show off TOO many of her charms 😉

  2. Ten is very fit. Please let her sweat a little in some serious, naked punishment gym? A pre 1985 school scene? Or some Texas boot camp?

  3. Not sure when I’ll next get the chance to shoot with her, and of course scenarios will depend entirely on the available venues. But I’ll see if any of those ideas appeal to her!

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